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i900 MONAHANS repair info

Guest secany

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This is only a solderless solution to connect your phone to omnia repair tool programmer...

The only 2 ways to repair it, is send it to Samsung Service... or to buy the omnia repair tool (more than 300 dollars)

I got mine repaired here in the philippines for only 800 pesos. (approximately 16$)

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Good news for those who live in the philippines theres solution already for broken bootloader . and you dont need to spend that much only P1100 pesos or around US $20. . i had mine repaired at Main branch of samsung service in front of greenhills . ortigas side . name of building is bonaventure .

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So, I haven't visited this board since March. At that point, I thought the Omnia community was dead, and now I come back, and there are still people like me looking to repair their JTAG problems. It looks like now, "H JTAG" supports pxa300 all of the sudden, so all we need to do is figure out how. This partially translated page looks promising:


I have found the linked to locations, "H JTAG" and MacGraegor "OCDemon". I have already attached a JTAG to USB adapter, and if I can get the battery recharged, we'll be good to go if something works for sure here. If someone can look into this, this may still be doable.

- 2 Bunny

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Hello, I'm from Argentina. does little more than a year I have my omnia dead.

now I've got a box ust pro 2 and I was wondering if you know the steps to repair my omnia and it is not used and I would not ruin it more.

sorry for my English.

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Hi all!!!

I'm from Brazil and yesterday I crash my bootloader ... :)

Reading in various sites in the intrnet, including Modaco :), I find various solutions...


- Repair kit

- Technical Assistance and others

But I resolve this issue using GrandPrix software and re-flashing my unit :D

I re-flash my unity with the original ROM from Samsung's site - it's cool but in English :) and after, re-flash again with my favorite ROM in portuguese of Brazil !!!! :D

Now, my i900 is perfect again :D

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