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Guest ldbs

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Guest David Cher
Hi guys,

I have downloaded the ROM update for Singapore and have tried to install it on my Omnia by using Paul's trick of changing the location to Singapore and then the registry key noted earlier in this thread (DZHJ2) and then hex-edited the downloaded .exe file and i still recieve the error.

Any suggestions?

i used Paul image , i just merely edited the unit registry to DZHJ2.

i took out the battery and restart , i tried running the program 3x and finally it work.

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Guest Natsirt

Hey guys i was wondering if this ROM has better battery life than HK1.. right now im using passoa's m2d04/hk1 rom and the battery is quite good.. i am wondering if this battery is better because i want to flash to this rom for the samsung interface xD i grew tired of the manilla interface because it wasnt as usuable for me as the samsung ones (or the windows default one xD)

Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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