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Advent 4211 recovery - appeal for help!

Guest mwright

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Guest felix_w
On 5/13/2009 at 8:06 PM, nliwilson said:

OMFG I feel such a prat! I got so caught up in my annoyance that DSGi Product Development don't know how to make good use of Windows PE I lost sight of the fact that I do! Doh!! :lol:


If like me you've deleted/formatted your Windows partition but not your recovery partition, and you have a Windows install CD of one kind or another do the following;


1: Download BartPE builder

2: Use it to make a default BartPE boot disk image, it tells you how you will need a Windows install CD, preferably XP (obviously if you want to use the disk for more than this one job add any plugins you like)

3: Boot to your new PE boot disk

4: Open A43 file manager

5: Make a note of your drive partition letters, you'll need them in a mo, my 2 where C: for the Windows partition and E: for the recovery one

6: Format the Windows partition, needs to be NTFS with default allocation size and label'd XP

5: Run CMD and type the following (without the "") "E:\TGM\Utils\ImageX.exe /apply E:\HDD\WIMFiles\XP.wim 1 C: > E:\TGM\Imagexbart.log" ***Remember to amend the drive letters if and as needed!***


Congratulations, you just put your Advent 4211 back to factory default! :lol:


Addendum; There are several pe-built PE boot disks around, most named some variation of XP Live/XP USB Etc. that will allow you to skip steps 1 & 2. I wasn't going to mention them for 2 good reasons: 1: they're in breach of Microsoft's licence and 2: some come form some pretty questionable sources. Personally I'm ambivalent about breaching MS's licenses (for reasons that so many people have gone over so many times) but if you do download one make sure you virus scan anything & everything you download. :D

I just registered to thank you for the detailed solution!


I followed the instructions to fully recover the image .wim from the recovery partition.


Thread necro, i know, but it's for a good cause...



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