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22/Jan - Stock ROMs + radios in update.zip format for GSM Hero

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Geochelone

Where I can find unodex generic 2.73.405.66? I'd like to use it as a basis for my personal customized ROM.

I'd like to add in some personal settings, tenuis-ish icons etc, however I can't edit odex ROM from Windows.

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Guest cormie
One weird question, though - the "Sync Groups" option that I'm sure used to be on People | Groups| Menu seems to have disappeared, and my phone is now synching all my google contacts rather than just the group I want, with no obvious way to select the group I want! Has this option moved somewhere else? In general, is there a complete ChangeLog for 2.73 from 1.5?


ETA: Left the phone overnight, "Sync Groups" was still missing. Was playing with the phone on the train, "Sync Groups" was still missing. Then, literally, *poof* - it was there as an option. The People | All menu suddenly changed too, losing the "More..." button that linked to a list with two options "Snyc Google Contacts" and "Sync Exchange Contacts", replacing it with just "Sync Exchange Contacts".

Weird. I didn't do anything as far as I can tell to have made these changes happen... So it's not a problem now, just a mystery.

I'm having the same problem with my HTC desire and can't seem to find a solution, have tried everything :huh: Have a thread on it here: http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...ing-solution-p/

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Guest texrmm91

Ok so i have the following info from my about page, how do i know if im up to date with the rooted htc hero on the sprint network in the u.s.

Firmware version-1.5

Baseband version-

Kernel version-2.6.27-mck-1.2

build number-MoDaCo custom rom 2.2 core

Software version-1.56.651.2

hardware version-2

Since im rooted through the modaco stuff should i hit the "firmware update, the update profile, and the update prl" and not loose all my apps and rooted ability. im kinda new to this stuff and really like the wifi tether ability.



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Guest sparkyuiop

Hi I wonder if you can advise me.

I installed the 'update-hero-generic-2.73.405.66-rooted-signed' ROM onto my HTC Hero but was soon prompted to update my phone, I'm guessing by HTC. I thought this may take away the root access but decided to do it anyway as I could find no other way to get rid of the annoying update notification and I still have my gold card.

However this fails to update the phone because of a signature problem or some such thing. Does anyone know of a way I can update the phone without losing root or just get shot of the update nag?

Thanks in advance


I have installed 'HeroC-Radio-' which has stopped the update message so far but I don't know if installing that is a good thing or not other than the update message is gone. Any advice welcomed.

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Guest rockstarszzzz


I am trying to help one of my friend who has had rough ride with custom ROMs.

He had issues with stock ROM. Updated to CM 6, CM 7 and then Villian-ROM v13. Now all these ROMs fail to give 'all' the working features apparently.

His phone originally is the Three, UK phone.

Is there anyway I can revert him back to Three, UK ROM so that he stops calling me everyday and saying what a bad decision it was to get into custom ROMs?!

I don't know how to categorise the phone into GSM or CDMA but am presuming Three, UK should be GSM?

Please help me out with directing to 'How to' and 'Where to'!

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