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Guest l3v5y

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I installed the cab on my StrTrk wm6.1 to see if it would work with WM Standard. When I ran it from the Windows folder I was presented with a full screen message: "We encountered a serious error which requires that you exit Windows Marketplace. If you can't log in after a few hour, please contact Microsoft for help." And all I have is an exit button.

Once it quit back to the Windows folder though, I noticed it had created a new subfolder called Marketplace. In there was a single text file Clientlog0.

Here are few snippets:

Client UIE failed to get screen DPI, defaulting to 96

LiveIDFramework W Live ID credentials not present

ServiceLib E UpdaterDialog: Failed to install .cab

Maybe I need to install Windows Live messenger for it to work. But by the sound of it, it wouldn't be worth the hassle and most of the apps would be aimed at WM Professional anyway.

Working on

[ROM] Omnia WM 6.5.1 ROM base DXIF1 build 23071 with BT-audio fix (18 October 2009), Current version --> build 23071

It installed under windows folder, you need to create a shortcut.

I wasn't able to connect to the server by my ISP even though I had internet connection.

I had to use wifi connection

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Guest awarner (MVP)

I just posted elsewhere before I noticed this topic, the main issue for me at the moment is that there is no option to choose where to install anything, it auto matically installs to the main memory. Personally I'd prefer it to install to My Storage.

Wondering if you could add a registry sting in to fix this or if it's part of the application itself that decides on the download location?

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