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21/Dec 1.91 - Teknologist kernel with tun.ko, ext4, cifs, and compache ramzswap for GSM Hero

Guest teknologist

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Guest cyde

yeah! a Teknologist rom! Brill.

Um. if your taking requests, any chance you can include ADQ's HTC HERO USB OTG (host and slave) code?

this will make developing apps to use 3rd party USB devices easier on HTC Hero....

refer to : http://adq.livejournal.com/105043.html

I am looking at using a TIRA (USB iRA module) to turn it into a plug-in device for a Hero (or any android really) and write the App to make the phone into a universal remote control.

Thanks in advance


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Guest embrion44
yep, that's bad luck. But there a guy on twitter who seems to patched the 2.1 kernel with the teknologist patches. See here: http://twitter.com/freeasabeer

He is in contact with Paul. Looks good.

Doesn't look like all patches has been applied as Droid Wall doesn't work like it did with old 1.5 Teknologist's Kernel. I've tested it with r5 MoDaCo. No kernel owner module at lest.

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