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[ROM][WM6.5.3][30/12/09] l3v5y Leo ROM [28205][10010201]

Guest l3v5y

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hey - thanks L3v5y

had problems flashing though...

first attempt - from homescreen - went to bootloader then said connection problems

second - from bootloader - didn't get past 0% then went to recovery

third - from homescreen - went to bootloader then said connection problems

fouth - from homescreen - flashed fine....

so for others... keep trying!

edit... okay - too hasty - I'm now stuck on the Quietly brilliant splash screen.... soft reset doesn't work

edit2... okay - battery out. now past HTC screen to Windows "preparing for first use" screen.... now stuck... now battery out again and I'm up and running!

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Guest Neil5459
Hi Guys,

I want to update my ROM and not too sure where to start. I downloaded the following file RUU_Leo_l3v5y_10010201_F_WWE_5.2.28205.5.3.3_2.02.exe. I am assuming it is the latest. For the install process, should I copy it to the micro SD card and run it or I need to do something before hand?

Not sure if this is important but my HD2 is still locked to T-Mobile UK. I asked them to unlock it so expecting the unlock code in the next few days (it costs £15). I checked several sites on the Internet but none had the code.


This file needs to be run from the PC not locally on the SD card.

1) Make sure you have a valid Activesync partnership.

2) (Optional: This step helps to speed up the next process by preloading the USB driver) Disconnect HD2 and turn off by pressing End Call button till you get the menu screen and select 'Power Off' Now hold down the Volume Down button while pressing the power button. This takes you to the Bootloader screen which should say 'Serial' at the bottom. Plug into the same USB port you used before, and the PC will load the USB Sync driver and the Bootloader screen will change to 'USB' at the bottom. Disconnect the USB cable, take the back off the HD2 and press the reset button. Reconnect to the PC once it has fully restarted and make sure Activesync is connected.

3) Run the RUU-Leo file. This will start the update process which needs a few screens to be accepted. Once the update starts, the device will switch back to Bootloader, hopefully with the USB driver kicking in immediately, then it will switch to a 'progress' screen.

4) Once complete you will see a 'Congratulations' screen on the PC. Now disconnect from the PC and restart the HD2 to go into the setup process. This can take a few minutees so be patient :)

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Guest Grga001

Some feedback:

-first flash 09123001 FULL: very snappy and fast

-second flash 10010201 FULL: randomly freezes, only reset and battery out helps

Both lack connection setup and drop down task manager at home screen.

SSPL stops at bootloader, then I reconnected USB and repeated this same process, then it flashes custom rom.

Keep the good work.


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I've been having real troubles since I flashed the full version..

It worked fine for hours, but when i first rebooted the phone, HTC sense would not launch properly. the homescreen would appear, but the clock would hang in the middle of its animation, and then sense would not work. I was able to access the start menu, and the taskmanager said that sense was using 95% of the CPU. I couldn't disable sense because i couldn't get to the homescreen setting tab, as you have to go to sense setting> all settings, and I couldn't do the first step!

Anyway, one the 15th reset, sense started. So I have now disabled it!

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Guest sheldon.mathews

Hello Guys,

Need help please

i have one issue with my home screen weather notification and time

it changes itself automatically to a different location.

I stay in India and all of a sudden after some time it my location and time changes to a place called Tunis somewhere in Central Africa is this a bug or there some setting that I am missing.

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Guest babyshaq

Is this compatible with HSPL? I've just flashed a different ROM using HSPL and using the tutorials at XDA dev. it says I need to get the .nbh file but this is an .exe so how do I go abouts flashing this one

Would I also have the option to go back to stock rom as with HSPL by inserting stock nbh onto my sd card and holding volume down and reset?

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Guest jabbawalkeeee

Can someone please post the ruu_signed.nbh for the latest full version? I'm on a Mac and use HardSPL so I can't install an .exe. Thanks in advance!

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Guest hinshelm
Hi l3v5y- fantastic job :)

I installed the Light version as I wanted to use Mobile Shell with the HTC Pure Style theme.

As a precaution I put the HD2 into bootloader first, and plugged it into the PC to ensure the USB device driver installed correctly. Once that was done I reset, reconnected via WMDC and ran the installer which took a little under 2 minutes B)

Did all the standard configs, then installed MS3.5.3 and the HTC Pure theme and all is fantastic. Still have 290MB free storage and the HD2 flies along!

No problem here with the FdcSoft TaskManager- running the Light ROM.

Tried 10010201 and it does not work for me... Locks up, and performance issues... way more than 09123001 so I am going to re-flash that rom...

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I find that this rom is not stable as claimed.

In any day of moderate usage I have to soft reset at least once.

Wifi issue meaning the defailt IP address it attempts to use on any network is Wifi effectively no longer works.

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nice to see lots of familiar names from my omnia rom flashing days.

Will wait for a more stable version, keep up the good work!

Is there any news on a better rom than this coming up? My device is virtually unusable.. I have no trust in sms's being sent or getting to me without restarting the device, or sending myself a test message.. i have intermittent wifi issues, and am afraid to use on any network other than my own incase I jam it up, I get lockups on a daily basis, usually numerous times in any given day...

I dont want to hard reset and go back to square one, only to find an improved rom becomes available and I once again do a hard reset to flash whatever rom comes along.


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Guest Maxwell Newton


maybe you dont know what your talking about (I didnt!)..... USE MTTY :) !

Without properly cleaning your memory before you install a new rom, old dirt gets left behind that clogs up the new rom giving errors, crashes and general instability.

Use the thread below to PROPERLY clean your phone before you install a new rom, then report if its buggy or not, otherwise it’s just unfair to the chef if you can’t do your cleaning!


Thanks chef, good rom, but i prefer the old HTC info when you press the top of the screen. Your one makes the clock spin its dials down again, bit annoying! Otherwise very nice and fast ;)

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Guest Avroy7

Full - Has all the HTC programs/files with things like sample images removed

Lite - Has some HTC applications in it, though no Manila etc as they are massive resource hogs (basically, full without manila)

Vanila - Has only the required HTC applications (Comm Manager, Camera) and the HTC SIP and nothing else.




[+] WM6.5.3.3 Build 28205

 [+] 2.02 Leo ROM

 [+] Lots of fixes, including the lockscreen, stability.
Coming soon! Vanilla Light ETA 1:30, 3/1/10 Full ETA 1:30, 3/1/10 09123001
[#] Fix extra folders in start menu

  [#] Fix HTCBlack theme

  [-] Remove security things

  [#] Fix MoDaCo donate client

  [+] Add Owner Info back in (MS removed by default).

  [-] Removed Showcase

  [-] Removed TotalCommander

  [#] Fix physicsengine (old version nicer bounceback)

  [#] Reduce size of scroll bars


unfortunatly i cant download from above link

would u plz help?

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