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Manila (sense 2.1/2.5) in test...

Guest *LeiTo*

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Guest coolkat
Hi snelopy!

what did you do to make the Album to work????


i got the album fix...

download cab from here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...inal-album-fix/

actually i want to thank snelopy because he confirmed it in that thread. i just did a google search with his ID and bang... there it was. i disabled sense before installing this but i donno if this works without disabling it.

also thanks a lot to nOObody and Rapid81 @ modaco for original CAB.

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Guest javed222
thank you now sd card is working. settings icon in start menu is not visible. couldnt enable wifi in comm mngr nd in wireless mngr but rest bluetooth, phone and airpln mode works very well. any solution. thnx in advnc.

Please, which 2012 cab use it, and where download it ???


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Guest melpy

hi all i cant find a version of manila 2.5 all links are dead...

what is the best version now for ours TG01? can you link it for me? and what i should to download for its good work?

thks to all

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Guest MatrixAce

Using Acer F1 S200 here.... just tested the manila here... but have the memory card missing issue... Tried the sdhc.cab fixed but it didn't work...

My Memory card still missing and not accessible...

Any advice here?

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Guest AnteSaric

i installed the 2.5....working very well....but it left only 4MB RAM...:/// i managed to get the music tab working...with the music fix cab for TF3D 1.3 :DDD

and i must say that i can't add my location....the sense 2.5 just resets alone -.- same with the people hub -.-

its very smooth :PPP

sry for my bad english...

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