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27/May r3 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for Tattoo with Online Kitchen

Guest PaulOBrien

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I very much like Pauls r12 on my San Francisco and have just bought a Tattoo on ebay for my wife.

and yet despite reading all this thread, I have a couple of questions ...

1. what Android version is it ? (don't know how I missed this)

2. does the camera, wifi, bluetooth, gps & radio all work ok (I had read elsewhere that these can be a problem)

many thanks

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Guest odsamuels
I´m searching for app2sd for HTC Tattoo, but i can´t find it anywhere. I´ve already downloaded 2 zips and tried to install it, but they are not signed for tattoo, so the installation is aborted.

Can anyone help me pls?

I have installed the standard MoDaCo ROM r3 without integratet app2sd.

And my second question: I´d like to send and take Files via Bluetooth with my Tattoo. I have installed Bluex and Bluetooth File Transfer. The Root rights are given to these apps, but if i try to send something there comes the message: "Can't start OBEX OPP (Object push Profile) service search. Reason: Return value is "false"

Can anyone help me?



I have the same problem. MY guess is that it's a limitation of the OS.

Does anyone know if there will ever be a mod out to get Tattoo users higher? 2.x maybe?

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