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"Continuing Internet access will lead to traffic. Continue?"

Guest z0s0

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Guest jcsbanks

Can't save the changes because I can't root. I am using the Hungarian T-mobile 2.1 where I just put the dload folders on the SD card. Any suggestions on how to safely root with this ROM or am I stuck?

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Guest Sperber78

I found a problem with the internet connection. Wifi is connected, when i disconnected wifi and activate with apndroid the 3G Connection i see that i am connected to 3G or Edge or something else, but no applikation have a connection to the internet. After reboot, the internet connection over 3G works fine.

Now i try something. I change the /system/build.prob following parameters


Change the 0 to a 1

No i get the popup, but the internet connection after disconnected wifi works fine.

Does anyone have an idea??

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Guest gforums

I have also problems with this setting on a pulse mini....

Connections seem up and running, but programs don't have a connection anyway.

So I changed it back to 1. Any idea?

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I was having the same nag screen every time my I connected to internet on my Huawei Ascend G300.

This was especially annoying using the Batteryx2 app, which disconects/reconnects every time the screen switches on/off.

But even walking around my house it'd keep dropping signal, and nagging. Probably getting 50 - 100 nags a day!

Didn't find the line: ro.config.hw_new_wifitopdp=0

But did find the similar:


edited this to


No more nagging (I think!)

Hope this helps someone.

You need to be rooted, of course, and back up the original file before you overwrite it.


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