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Yonn Kitchen - Where OmnaiLITE ROMs were cooked in

Guest yonn1981

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Guest Mentycz

Hello I have got few questions.

1) I saw, in WM 6,1 for Omnia Lite/Omnia II is also new Start (faster than I900´s) It looks similar than a i900 one, but it is Black or White, not transparent. (if you dont know what I mean, I can upload screen of this.) I want to ask for this, because released packages are from WM 6,5, and they dont include the Start Menu.

2) Samsung settings. Good, finger friendly etc...but there are some issues with Brightness, USB Mode and more. Example: Omnia Lite hasnt got My Storage, so you can in USB Mode chose from "Active Sync" mode, od Mass storage mode. But you can only select Storage Card, and no My storage.

Is here any way to fix this? I want to use only Samsung Settings, no MS settings. I think, it can be fixed by some registry changes, maybe from Omnia II (it has got My storage....) I dont know, because Im not coder, but it will be good, if somebody can fix it.

3 Samsung apllications using 3D. For our i900 we must block or delete some Omnia Lite apps, because Omnia i900 hasnt got 3D hardware acceleration. But I like the taskswitcher. Is here way to enable only grid view, not the "card view" or I dont know how it is called. Task switcher has two modes, so enable only one of them, which is not using 3D.

4) Touch player. Touchplayer is good, but it isnt without issues. It cant play videos, there are some conflicts with dll, and libraries from Lite with i900. But some coders can eliminate this issue.

BTW: Touchplayer landscape library must be blocked, because it is using 3D, and i900 cant use it. (I think)

5) Colour of interface - Touchwizz. Here are two different colours of Touchwizz: White (Omnia Lite) and Black ( Omnia II). But. Actually we can have on our i900 only white one. But the black one looks much better, and on our display with small resolution (WQVGA) it is perfect. So I want to ask for this. Applications are actually disassembled, so is here way to fix white ones from Omnia Lite to black ones from Omnia II? Maybe some registry would be changed, but I think, it is possible.

6) Lockscreen. In 6,1 there is original lock screen, but it is possible to install to ROM lockscreen by Samsung, it works on 6,1 too. So I want to ask where can I get this accesories.

Thank you.

Please help me, I want to ask also the coders, please.

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Hi Yonn,

I need a the SETTINGMAIN.EXE without the memory option as the Majino Original B7300 rom had....

Where can I find this exe??

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Guest vishnu vijay

Thank You VERY VERY MUCH for sharing this Jewel!

Its so user friendly & easy to comprehend!

I made my first rom & flashed it.

So far working like a charm & I won't blame u for my screw ups! But Thanks again! :)

Tried wm6.5.3 all versions but somehow Operator Settings or the Sim Card configuration doesn't takes place ( With your default profiles provided).

But it works on the normal 6.5 version.

I'm a noob, please forgive me for my ignorance...

How do manage to get the startmenu to the bottom in wm6.5 then?

(SIM Configuration) It worked when I clicked on the tools folder in start menu & it resets by itself

However the Omnia Lite Keyboard makes the phone to hang when I open internet explorer.

I tried the EzInput with the same specs to cook the cook & it is working smooth!

No hanging whatsoever!

Thanks! & Sorry for not looking for options before posting over here!

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