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Thanks - tried holo launcher (& locker) but kept getting FC's.

Have now gone back to stock lockscreen & Nemus Launcher with ISC theme - no FC's for 2wks now so will be sticking with for a while.

Thanks for reply though. Am also SS RLS7 with ICS theme.

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Blue NRG CM7theme (hence the glowing status bar)

Elixir2 Widget app (I love how customizable this is, have it on every device)

BOBClock Widget

Magic Smoke LWP (with hue and saturation tweaked to blues)

havnt really fiddled round much yet but power buttons glow orange when turned on....screenshot-3.pngscreenshot-1.png

like so.....


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VERY heavily modded :) --->


how the hell to make status bar so big ? Its like new chines phones with JB? Do u need JB and mode it some how ?

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got bored (again) and changed it all again...

Cm7 unofficial Blade2 Rom

Cm7 Blue steel theme (status bar icons, widgets, drawer icons)

Next Launcher 3D (grabbed it while it was massively reduced in price and so far very impressed)

RLW Pro (Live wallpaper)

UCCW widget (clock, calander, battery monitor, weather)

Elixer2 (Battery level, missed calls, sms monitor, email monitor)

Next launcher Power buttons widget

Next Launcher Music Player widget

Various homescreen icons taken from "ThaIconUltimate"



it seems a bit busy right now so I might tone it down when I get bored again :D

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