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[ROM-KITCHEN]"PPC_SHIFTPDA" 29007 Multilang WP7S & DROIDS (18.Feb)


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Guest Thunder141

I used oskitchen from xda to build my roms. Now it happened, that after flashing a self build custom rom, the rom boots, but after some time of building roms two things happen:

either the device does not wake up after getting to suspend or the file system gets destroyed and the device freezes.

Now I changed to your kitchen. Great collection, by the way.

My first rom build based on the cht2 version of your collection with some of my own packages worked after flashing without problems.

But I forget to apply some of my tweaks, like start menu has 5 grids and my personal pim.vol and one additional app and builded a second rom.

This rom now has the above described issue that it never wakes up after getting locked.

Do you have any idea, what could have happened? I made a change to the tmous profile in the NBH Structure.xml (changed wwe to ger) and added my ext folder with pim.vol, one registry change and my fav app. Changed nothing else.

Before building first rom, that worked without any problems, i changed all wwe path names (Program Files, StartUp, Programs, Storage Card) ti the german one. But this was before first build and could not be the reason.

I flashed my roms with using task29 for flashing the custom rom.

I am a little bit confused, cause I am so searching for a good working kitchen to build my custom roms for the htc leo.

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