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Automatic APN setup for the new 2.1

Guest joestone

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Guest liamwilli2
Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile network > Enable

Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile network settings > Acess Point Names > New APN

Use these for 02 PAYG;

Name : 02 Prepay GPRS

APN : payandgo.02.co.uk

Proxy :

Port : 8080

Username : payandgo

Password : I can't see it, but from personal experience this will be either password or vertigo.

Server : <Not set>

MMSC : http://mmsc.mms.02.co.uk:8002

MMS proxy :

MMS port : 8080

MCC : 234

MNC : 10

Authentication type : PAP

APN type : default

Give those a whirl and let me know if they work or not for you...

From my experience the password is 'payandgo' .....

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