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[ROM] [eclair] Hungarian Hedgehog RLS2 [2010-11-26]

Guest kallt_kaffe

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Guest Salsaholic

The version of LauncherPro included in this ROM will soon expire. Is this a normal behaviour of this Launcher? Do we need to update frequently???

Until we have a fine new ROM with the new partition layout, I'd prefer to keep LauncherPro in /system - how do I update it there?

Would creating an update zip for ClockWork with the latest "LauncherPro-0.8.2.apk" in /system/app do the job?

I have just created such a thing, taking the brut_maps addon as a template, removing maps.apk with the lp apk - but will that work or brick my phone? Is there anything else that would need to be changed?

Hm, I see something in the manifest that might need adaptation:

Name: system/app/Maps.apk
SHA1-Digest: iJ+wlQaeXtTVkK9tk6JOvuWZ4uQ=[/codebox]

How could I create such an SHA1-Digest for the LauncherPro apk?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I just don't want to brick my phone...

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Guest Salsaholic

Update: I tried to calculate a new SHA1 digest for LauncherPro with jdigest, but the output seems to be differently encoded than in the ROM file (jdigest seems to create hex code, the ROM files contain a wider set of characters). Which program should I use?

I have then tried my luck w/o changing the manifest, ClockWork said "files successfully copied", but after reboot I was still on the old 8.1 version.

I finally installed LauncherPro from the market and that resulted in a re-boot, but at least I got rid of the expiry message and now run v8.2. So this one is solved, but I would still love to know how to do this properly...

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