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Advent Vega: Games that work full-screen

Guest 5c00ter

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Guest liamb1234
damn, that's a big letdown, i really like racing games too :(

They do work, i have jet rafer working, however it didnt at first. After i ran the in game calib it worked fine!

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Guest hazor


4 Players Reactor (1.1)

Aevum Obscurum (1.0.4)

Ahoy Matey (2.0.5)

Air Attack (2.3)

Air Control (1.07) ★

Akinator (2.5.6) (also ver. 2.0) ★

Aliens vs. President (1.2.3)

Angry bird ( ★★★

Anytime Pool (1.1) ★★

Archipelago (1.14) ★☆

Armageddon Squadron (1.0.6) ★★★

Armored Strike (1.991) ★★

Asphalt5 (3.1.8) ★★★

Attack of Zombie Politicians (1.0.0)

AutoTrafego (1.6.0) ★


Backbreaker (1.0.0) ★★

Backgammon (3.2.9)

Baseball Superstars 2009 (1.0.9) ★★

Bazooka Rabbit (1.2.14) (demo) ☆

Beatdown Boxing (1.85) ☆

Bebbled (2.9) ★

Beetle Jump (1.1.0) ★

Big Mountain Snowboarding (1.21) ★★

BitBlocks (1.86) ☆

BlackJack Pro (1.0.8)

Blastosis Invasion (1.0) ☆

Block Jam (1.6) ★

Blockhead (1.3.0)

BlowUp (1.6.5) ★★

BonsaiBlast (1.5) ★

Break the Blocks (1.5.268)

Bubble Burst Pro (2.1.1) ★

Bubble Defense 2 (2.04) ★

Build a Lot (1.2.0) ☆

Buka HD (2.25) ★★★


Cake Mania - Celebrity Chef (1.0) ★

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 (1.0) ☆

Camel's Kitchen (1.1.2) ★★

Can Knockdown (1.0) ★★

Carrom3D Pro (1.1.5 ).apk ★★

Castle Guard2 (2).apk ★★

Chalky (1.3).apk ★★

# Check G-sensor -> Game mode

Chinese Chess (1.0.5).apk

City Mayor (1.4).apk

ConnectToo (1.2).apk

# 80% sized screed

CubicMan Deluxe (1.0.1).apk ★★


Deathride - Betrayal (1.10).apk ★

# need data downloading

Defend Homeland (1.0.0).apk ☆

DevilryHuntress (1.2.5).apk ☆

# 80% sized screed

Diamond Twister - for big screens only (1.0.4) ☆

# 80% sized screed

Doodle Jump for Android 2.0+ (1.0).apk ★

# Check G-sensor -> Game mode

Dope Wars (0.72).apk

Downhill Bowling 2 (1.0) ★★

Dr. Droid (1.2).apk ☆

Droid Invaders 3D beta (0.7) ☆

Droid Mini Golf (2.0.2).apk ★

Droidkoban (1.0).apk ☆


EVAC HD (1.7) ★


Farm Tower (1.0.8) ★★

FarmFrenzy (1.8).apk (linked ver is 1.4.1) ★★

# 80% sized screed

Fifa10 (1.0.41).apk ★

Fishin2go (1.3.1).apk

Flick NBA (1.1.0).apk

Flight Director (1.0.6).apk ★★

Flight Frenzy Deluxe (1.1.3).apk ★

Flying Aces (2.0.4).apk ★★

Freecell (2.0.3).apk

FRG Deluxe (1.2.2).apk


Gem Miner - Dig Deeper (1.1.3).apk ★

Gene Labs (1.6) ★★

Gomoku (1.0.0).apk ★

Guitar Hero 5 (1.2.0).apk ★

Guns n'Glory (1.4.2).apk ★★

Gym Babes 2 (1.0).apk ☆


Haypi Kimgdom (1.1.4).apk ★★

Head To Head Racing (1.0.4).apk

Heli Rescue (1.2.0).apk ★

Hockey Nations 2010 (1.1).apk ★★

House M.D (1.0).apk

Hungry Shark (1.6.0)

Hyper Jump (1.6.5) ★


iDemolished (1.1.1).apk ★★

iFight Pro (1.2.8).apk

iPingPong 3D (1.0.0).apk ☆

Iron Sight (1.0.1).apk ☆


J. Rabbit (1.0).apk

Jack and Jiggle Plus (1.0).apk

Joyland Bounce (1.6).apk ★


Krazy Racers (1.2.7).apk ★★


Lightracer 3D (1.2g).apk

LightUp (1.10).apk ★★

Edited by hazor
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Guest hazor


Maejong (1.3).apk ★

Mahjongg Solitaire Pro (2.2).apk

Maths Workout+ (1.60).apk ☆

Mechanics Touch (1.0.15).apk ★

Millionaire 2009 (7.0.0).apk - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Millionaire 2010 (1.0.0).apk

Mini Golf 3D (2.1.0).apk ☆

Mini Gore (1.2.0) ★★★

MooDroid (1.1.0).apk ☆

Must Eat Birds (1.05) ★★

MX moto (1.5.9) ★★

Mystique - Chapter 1 Foetus (1.0.5).apk

Mystique - Chapter 2 The Child (1.0.2).apk

Mystique Chapter 3 - Obitus (1.0.4).apk


NaughtyDice (1.2.0).apk

Neuro3D (1.0.6).apk

Nine hole golf (1.0).apk ★

Ninja Jump (1.1.0).apk ★★★

Ninja Kaka (1.5.5).apk ★★★


Orb Knockoff (1.4).apk ☆


Panzer Panic (1.0.0).apk

Papa Stacker (1.2.7).apk ★★★

Par 3 Golf (2.0.2).apk

Par 72 Golf (2.0.4).apk

Plansts vs Zombies 2.5.English.apk ★★

Pocket Puppy Full (1.0.3).apk ☆

Pocoro (1.2.0).apk ★

Poket God (1.1).apk ★★★

Portal Keeper (1.3.2).apk ★

Postal Babes (1.5.0).apk

Production Meeting (1.01).apk ★

Pulse Rider (1.4.3).apk ★

# G-sensor -> game mode check

Puzzle Blox (2.0.9).apk ★

# G-sensor -> game mode check

Puzzles 8295.2.apk


Radiant (2.4).apk ★

Radiant HD (3.4).apk ★

Raging Thunder (1.0.7).apk ★★

Raging Thunder2 (1.0.0).apk ★★

Retro Defense (1.24).apk ☆

Revival 2 (1.3.9).apk ☆

Robo Defense (2.1.0).apk ☆

Robophobia Lite (1.0.5).apk


Sally's Spa (1.0).apk ★★

Sex Positions Game - Couples Edition (3.0).apk

Sexy Truth or Dare Couples (2.5.1).apk

Sheep Run (1.1.8) ★★★

Shoot U! (1.3.0).apk ★★

ShootingRange3D (1.01).apk

Shopper's Paradise (1.06).apk ★★

Slice It (1.4.1).apk ★★★

Slide Puzzle (1.3).apk

Snail Burster (1.01)

Sokodroid (1.2.5).apk

Solitaire 1.12.1.apk

Southpark MegaMillionaire (1.0).apk

Space Physics (1.7.5).apk ★

Speed Forge 3D (1.3.1).apk ★★

Speedx 3D (1.5.4).apk (Lnked ver. is 1.10.4) ★

Spira Defense Pro (1.2.2).apk ☆

Splode (1.5.2) ★★

Steam Birds (1.3) ★★★

Stuck! (1.2.1).apk ★

Super Boom Boom (1.0.0).apk ★★

Super Tumble (1.0).apk

Super Tumble (1.4.5) ★★★

Survive! Japanese Lite (0.1.3).apk


Talking Santa (1.0.5).apk ★★★

Talking Tom Cat Pro (1.1.2).apk ★★★

Tangram Master (3.1.0).apk

TextTwist Turbo (1.0).apk

The Game Of Life (1.0).apk

The Wars (1.1.1).apk ★★

Throttle Copter (1.0).apk

Tiki Towers (1.0).apk ★★

Toon Warz (1.0.7).apk (Linked ver. is 1.0.4) ★★

TossIt Pro (1.8.2) tab support.apk ★★

Totemo (1.27).apk ★★

Tower Raiders GOLD (1.17).apk ★


Vegas Pool Sharks (1.0.10).apk ★

Void Defence Pro (1.2.2).apk


Warehouse Manager (1.0.0).apk ☆

Wave Blazer (1.0.5).apk ★★★

What the Doodle! (1.0.41).apk ★

WordUp! (1.2.4).apk

WordWrench Full (4.2.514).apk

World War (1.1).apk


XGalaxy 2 (1.24).apk ★

Zenonia 2 (1.0.2).apk ★★

Edited by hazor
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Guest mancity12

All of the Sega Megadrive/ Genesis emulators work find and in full screen mode.

Does anybody know if any of the PS1 emulators work full screen?

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Guest carl rose
Me too, I must say I was suprised the frame rate in Samurai 2 was so good!

I also bought Backbreaker THD and that works really well too, graphics arent as impressive as Samurai 2, but still really impressive.

Cant wait for Galaxy on Fire!

I just bought Backbreaker THD but cannot get it to work. How did you do it? It loads and starts up fine and when it starts running it does not react to the tablets movements. I turned to sensor for games in settings on but still does not work right.

I would appreciate if you could help me with this as it just cost me £3 and I really want to play it.

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Guest add.thebad

i love

spaghetti marshmellows

blow up


recless racing


angry birds

dungeon defenders

samuri vengence

gurella bob

gun bros

all work fine for me

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Guest ViPaSoft


New game just found over on Archos Fans; http://forum.archosfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=50010

Very nice graphics and game play and plays full screen on VEGA.

Demo version and full version on Market, [full version only £0.59p. Well worth it my my opinion to support great work.

[sorry all, posted in other game topic too before I found this FULL SCREEN topic)

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Game Name: Wordsnake

Available from Google Market: My link

I know this works fullscreen for a fact - because I wrote it using a vega as a test device!

Also works fullscreen on every device it's ever been tested on, everything from a G1 to the latest Motorola tablet.

And IMHO the vega is an awesome tablet.

It's a word game played again the clock, if you like Scrabble the chances are you love this.

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