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[ROM] ZTE Blade Stock ROMs

Guest Sebastian404

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Guest Lister Of Smeg

Hi All,

Just for old times sh*ts and giggles, I was wondering (based on some the posts Ive seen around here) if anyone has or CAN make an official STOCK rom based on Orange UK  P729BV1.0.0B10. That you are able to flash in CWM, that keeps the CWM recovery and is Gen2 compatible...

Sure, I can go through all the TPTs, Gen2-Gen1, and that... But would be so much nicer and easier to have CWM build of stock rom, for old times sake....

Many thanks, Lister


Hi, I've made my ZTE Libra original Rom backup via ClockworkMod.
But I can't restore it after I've repatitioned the phone to GEN2 and back to GEN3.
Rom size is 215Mb, but available TPTs is just for 200Mb.
I've tried GEN2 stock TPT with 220 Mb System, but RIL isn't working. I can't make calls.
Originaly it's GEN3 ROM with 215Mb used on system partition.
Can someone create a flashable GEN3 stock rom out ot it?
Or maybe someone know how to convert GEN2 TPT to GEN3?
Or maybe someone know how to resize System partition on any GEN3 TPT?
I found a tool to resize GEN2 partitions, but it isn't working on gen3. :(

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Guest tarmo85

Hello! I really need this rom Eesti Telekom (Estonia): ZTE Blade
EEST_P729BV1.0.0B02. Can someone share this rom. Tnx


Please upload rom again if you can. Sorry for my english

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