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[ROM] [froyo] Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 [2011-01-24] [OLED+TFT]

Guest kallt_kaffe

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Guest k0zmic
I have GEN2 device. If I repartition it with JJ and then can I install CM7 ROM?

If you upgraded via TPT Use the CM7 TPT which repartitions and installs CM7.

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Guest JayGB1982

Seriously considering rolling back to froyo, for now CM and the recent leaks are p'ing me off... so much i almost listed my blade on ebay today.

What issues are there in this build?

EDIT- Posted in wrong thread by accident

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Guest MrPuddington

I had an early version of this ROM (I think RLS5) that I used for ages, and it is a very nice ROM. But I recently upgraded to CM7.1, so that all my Android devices run the same system. It does not fell as fast, but I like the changes in Gingerbread, to be honest.

But I am missing two things: the switcher widget (it looks like SwitcherPro, is it something similar?), and the circular battery indicator. I don't care much for the circular, but I like to see a percentage. Is there an easy way to copy them to CM? I should have a full backup.

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Guest ExCaL1BuR

I everyone I got a few weeks ago a zte blade and since then I´ve tried every rom available ....  But the remaining one´s are the froyo ....  I´ve downloaded the RLS9 and installed correctly but on boot its stucks on the logo of the green droid....   My blade is the 2GEN with stick TPT (220 mb to system)


Any help???


I really would like to see how the older versions of android are like .....  Thanks for any help

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