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Modaco Froyo to Jellyfish. Worth it?

Guest Coldbird

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Today, that's not working like that. Weird. However, battery life is excellent :D 22 hours since I unplugged it, and 45% left - that's with 2G on during the day, and airplane mode at night. Exchange email every 15 mins, and GMail whenever, as well as a couple of other bits and bobs.

I'm a fan!

I have now 32 hours and 53% battery left. The thing that made a world of a difference is to use the Power Widget and turn off data transfer when you don't need it. I check my phone time to time after new e-mails so it's not an issue.

This is with phonecalls, some gaming and alarm set. I haven't resorted to airplane mode as the phone only lost 2% battery over night with 2G enabled.

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Guest MrPuddington
It's not about trusting a DNS

It is - the trust goes both ways. You have to trust your DNS server to deliver correct answers, and you trust your DNS server to keep your queries confidential.

I for one would trust Google rather than all the different network providers for DNS. The DNS at home or at work may be ok, but would you trust the DNS at a free wifi hotspot? And if you don't trust Google, you should not be using Android.

However, since this is a very basic setting with potential significant consequences, it would be nice to have an option. Opt in or opt out - I don't care. Maybe there is an app for that?

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Guest kallt_kaffe
Actually - I don;t know what the original DNS was set too, wasn't it some default ZTE one?

The stock ROMs doesn't have a resolv.conf. I just saw a thread somewhere about someone with DNS-issues and was comparing files between a CM6.1 release and JJ and noticed the CM6.1 had a resolv.conf file with the Google dns entrys. I just thought ZTE had forgotten to include it and it was a "standard" Android thing but having looked at my Huawei android dumps it also lacks the file so it's propably a CM thing.

Will remove it for RLS7 because I don't think it's being used anyway.

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