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A full guide to getting Android 2.2 on your phone for total newbs like me :)

Guest mistermentality

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Guest Dr.Alani
plz plz plz plz help me i did everything but i forgot to write the code:fastboot.exe flash system system.img and after rebooting code it stuck on the lg screen i tried to remove battery but nothing happen plz tell me i can fix it :(

Go back to fastboot mode again and redo the fastboot commands. Don't Panic.

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Guest lewman125

please help, after i use the KDZ updater and the phone has rebooted, ive unplugged it, turned it off and then when i go to hold the camera and power key it just starts up normally and doesnt go into fastboot mode :(

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Guest betalaga

hello everybody,

i have read the guide and i have 2 question:

after permanent root i have try first download "KDZ Updater CarphoneWarehouse Unlocked.zip" and it have an error where extract KDZ file; then i have download KDZ Updater Europe Open.zip and it seem ok... now i have a rom 2.1 but if i reboot and press camera + power screen remain black; no lg logo appear.

then, if i press only power button remain 20 second black and then phone start without lg logo

second question is, where i can find file the file fastboot.exe ?

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Guest revilo34
im getting a bootloop after carrying out the first part of the instructions to enable fastboot....only the android logo is there..pls helpp!

flash it again,... :(

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Guest revilo34
please help, after i use the KDZ updater and the phone has rebooted, ive unplugged it, turned it off and then when i go to hold the camera and power key it just starts up normally and doesnt go into fastboot mode :(

you have to flash it again. flash the boot.img , recovery.img and system.img. after that im sure it work!!! :(

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Guest ChriisM

DUDE, your a GENIUS. i love you, i was trying to get clockwork recovery on my phone for ages to put this rom on, :D

So does this mean i have clockwork on my phone now?

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Guest MrChu123
Hi, I've been trying to install the Open rom, but when I get to the stage to launch software update, I get a message ending with.

'phone not found'



My phone is in USB Debug mode, and I can go into my phone's flash storage, so why does it say that my phone is not found?

I am very new to all this btw.

Make sure `mass storage only` isnt selected in the settings

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Guest pleibooi

Nice guide, works like a charm, very happy with it really, i would give you money for it :D, ty very much.

The only thing i want to say is that, that s*** with the usb is

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Guest Kwabbernoot

How do i know if my pc recognized my phone correctly? Windows installed al kind of software, but i can't access my phone trough 'My Computer'. Is there any way to check before i run the KDZ Updater?

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Guest sloopjb

Hi guys,

I've installed 2.2 (openswift 4.4) on my phone as per the instructions and all is good...... except tvcatchup.com it loads the video ok but the sound is all broken-up, it workrd fine on 2.1 so I know the hardware can handle it, anyone else having this problem or have I messed something up?


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noob question: if i followed this guide when would i install clockwork recovery? is it possible? ideally i'd like to install official 2.1 and then play with other roms such as 2.3, and i think i'd need clockwork for that, right? or even to backup my phone to prevent bricking the thing?

my phone is carphone warehouse unlocked 1.6 at the moment, so the rom in the first post should work, right?

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Guest nakama1925


I would like to ask assistance for how to upgrade my LG GT540.

I am running 2.1 ROM right now and i want to upgrade it to 2.3.

I've read your post regarding 2.3 upgrade but i guess it requires fastboot which is not available on my 2.1 version of android.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.


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Guest voiptalker

As a recently converted android, I got to add my thanks to the original poster's fine work in getting this guide together.

My unlocked Tesco gt540 upgraded to 2.2 very smoothly following the excellent instructions - THANKS!

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Guest hgurbuz78
With help from people on here, and with some reference from a very useful guide I found on another forum, I finally have 2.2 working sweet and the cpu over clocked.I have had a fair few problems so for those fellow newbs who dare to try it I shall post the guide along with my own added info on what to do if things go wrong.

The guide is from a forum post at the android forums,it is NOT my work, the added bits are mostly what I have found from browsing here and from asking questions. While I can't be held liable if you mess your phone up having done so myself I thought this could helpa few people and save them searching various threads for answers so hope it helps :mellow:

The guide

To install this ROM you need to have fastboot enabled on your phone. If you have Android 1.6/2.1 installed from LG, then fastboot is not enabled. I will explain how to enable fastboot on your phone (this involves re-flashing/replacing your currently installed firmware):

KDZ Updater CarphoneWarehouse Unlocked.zip - A link to a zip archive with all the files needed to flash to Android version 2.1 with fastboot (Carphone Warehouse Unlocked)

KDZ Updater Europe Open.zip - A link to a zip archive with all the files needed to flash toAndroid version 2.1 with fastboot (Europe Open)

Download the version that best applies to you, if you live in the UK, I'd recommend you download the Carphone Warehouse Unlocked version, whereas if you live in Europe, I'd recommend the Europe Open version (simple right? )

I live in the UK and used the open rom from Europe as the Carphone Warehouse rom would not install

Now, how to flash these versions; I'll explain in detail how to flash the ROM's from starting with backing up.

Instructions to install ROM with Fastboot:

1. Before you start, make sure you backup all your data by installing the z4root.1.3.0.apk file onto your phone, then open it and choose 'Permanent Root'. Your phone will root and reboot. Then go to the Market and install 'MyBackup Root', open it and do a backup of your apps and personal data (contacts, sms, call log etc.) Once this is done, go to Settings>SD Card and Phone Storage>Unmount SD Card, a notification in the notification bar should appear saying 'SD Card safe to remove'. Remove the battery cover and remove the SD card and store it in a safe place. Then continue to step 2.

2. Extract the .zip file you downloaded to your computer (e.g. your desktop). Open the folder and install MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser (msxml.msi).

3. Once that has finished, install LGAndroidDriver_WHQL_ML_Ver1.0_All_Win7.exe which are the drivers so your computer will recognize your phone.

4. Next, open KDZ_FW_UPD.exe


(ii) Make sure 'PhoneMode' is set to 'DIAG'

(iii) Browse for the 'V20B_00+Fastboot.kdz' file.

5. Prepare the phone by enabling USB Debugging by going to Settings>Applications>Development>Enable USB Debugging and connect the phone to the computer via USB cable and wait for the drivers to install for the phone.

6. Click 'Launch software update' and do not use your computer until the update is complete. The update will take roughly 10-20 mins to complete.

If you have a problem with this try a different rom, this guide offers two to choose from.

Instructions to install CyanogenMod:

Once the update is complete, your phone will reboot, what you need to do is power off the phone and whilst the phone is off, press and hold the 'Camera' button all the way ANDpower on the phone, make sure you hold the 'Camera' button. The phone will display the LG logo and disappear, then display a blank screen. The phone is now in fastboot mode!

Now you want to download this file: Flashing CyanogenMod.zip and extract it to a folder called 'Android' (without the quotes '') on the C: drive (you'll probably need to make this folder yourself.

1. Now open CMD with administrator privileges (Search for CMD in the start menu and right click on 'cmd' and click 'Run as Administrator' )

2. Connect the phone to your computer via USB cable and wait for the necessary drivers to install.

If when connected with a usb cable the computer says "waiting for device" and nothing else happens try installing the fastboot drivers a helpful forum member posted and which are included as an attachment in this post. You can do this by going to the control panel of your pc, from the Windows start menu, opening the list of devices and where you see the one representing your phone (likely, as was the case with me, it will say android and have a yellow exclamation mark over it). Different versions of Windows do things slightly different but what you need to do is simply update the driver by choosing the icons properties box choosing UPDATE or INSTALL DRIVER and when asked pointing it to the folder where you unzipped the drivers.

3. Then go back to the cmd window and type:


cd C:\Android

(i) Then type:


fastboot.exe -w

(ii) Once that's completed, type:


fastboot.exe erase system

(iii) Once that's completed, type:


fastboot.exe flash system system.img

(iv) Once that's completed, type:


fastboot.exe flash boot boot.img

(v) Once that's completed, type:


fastboot.exe reboot

4. Your phone will now reboot with CyanogenMod 6.1.1 (Android 2.2.1). The first boot might take longer than a normal boot.

If your phone stays at a blank screen you simply forgot to do one of the above steps, in which case simply repeat them. It is likely if that happens that you simply forgot the flash boot image instruction.

5. You can now re-insert your SD card and go to Settings>SD Card and Phone Storage>Mount SD Card


The instructions for flashing both the firmware with fastboot and flashing CyanogenMod are included in the zip archives called 'Readme'. I'll update the links so that you'll always have the most up to date version of CyanogenMod available for download, note that if you choose to update your phone you will loose all your data including apps etc. so backup before you update

And that, with a few comments added by myself, is the guide.

Once you have set your phone up the way you want power off your phone. Hold the HOME and POWER buttons down while the LG logo appears and you will see a menu appear on screen.

Using the volume down key to navigate the different menu choices, and the camera button to select an option choose the BACKUP OR RESTORE option and from the sub menu that it will give you choose BACKUP.

This will make a backup of your phone AND all your data, if you ever mess up an update or think you have damaged your phone in the future simply holdthe POWER and HOME buttons down and when the menu appears choose the RESTORE option :o

After installing the rom then call to return to the old, Can I use the same method?

my phone runing on LG GT540 official rom 2.0A android 2.1

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Guest custardcream

Many thanks followed intructions all went well now have a rooted phone...whoop whoop. Did have troubles with kdz updater both uk and europe wouldnt work but found my phone was 20a not 20b.

Nice one :D

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Guest custardcream
keep getting failed to extract on both kdz files

i had this problem so did a update through LG from 20a to 20b and all then worked fine

hope this helps

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Guest butterflyinrain

Ok I am hoping i did not go here too late that no one will not respond to me anymore :)

So i fallowed the instruction step by step.

but after entering fastboot.exe -w it say waiting for device. and then my phone automatically reboot it self. i cannot enter the other command anymore and i dont seems to get whats the problem is.

my phone dont update 2.2 OS it is still 2.1

anybody here who can help me?


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Guest DokRobin

Ive not got very far with this and im having a few problems. When I go to the KDZ Software update, it does not find my phone! I have installed all the other drivers and msxml. Tried it in all my usb ports and it just wont find it. It comes up with this:

22:24:57 : Launching SW update

22:24:57 : Unpacking KDZ

22:25:03 : KDZ file extraced

22:25:07 : Files were extracted.

22:25:07 : LGMobileDL Load.

22:25:07 : Port = -1

22:25:07 : Connecting to phone


22:25:09 : ===FINISHED===

Please can someone help me? I really wanna leave 2.1 behind :)

P.S Im using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

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