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09/Feb r8 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Advent Vega with Online Kitchen

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest sqweek

Heya! I was having a poke around in the zip in an effort to improve my understanding of how ROMs are distributed (ultimately I want to drop my own custom kernel onto my vega), and upon examining the boot.img, I can't find any kernel command-line... how does that work? Doesn't the kernel need at least mtdparts= to find the partitions? Also everything I've read suggests that usbcore.old_scheme_first=1 is required with the up to date kernels.

I figure there's a few possibilites:

1) The commandline and relevant information is actually compiled into this kernel (I still couldn't find any mention of mtd via strings(1) though)

2) This kernel doesn't need a commandline

3) The boot image tools I'm using look in the wrong place for the commandline (they pick the commandline out with "od -A n --strings -j 64 -N 512 boot.img")

Any hints?

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Guest JimND

Just a thanks from me for supplying the ROM. The standard one wouldn't work with the Android Kindle app, this version does and is faster. Great stuff.

A quick note though. I had trouble getting the install to run from Ubuntu, until I thought to run the install script using 'sudo'. Maybe a line in the instructions to let users know to run the scripts as root?

Also I was going to contribute as a thanks, but I'm not really interested in a recurring subscription. Is there a 'donate' button anywhere?

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Guest jono25

I'm new to this and stick. Can someone please tell me how I remove the awful icons for MAIL,MYMEDIA,TWITTER ETC I can see how to add and remove my own choices but these are stuck.


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Hi Is this R8 version still the latest one please? or is there a newer version?

There are newer ROM versions based on android 4.0 and 4.1. Look around in the fora ;)

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Guest Dezza77

I can't get Wi-Fi working after installing the r8 MoDaCo custom rom, I have tried erasing all my settings then installing but still no Wi-Fi. It just keeps coming back with error when I try to select it. I used the ClockworkMod recovery method from my SD card to install it, as it would not find the device from my PC.

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