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Get creative and WIN a Core i7 PC, Core i7 laptops or Vega tablets with Advent and MoDaCo!

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Guest ndubz


i wana enter the competition for the vega, so do i just have to post in this thread or the vega thread lol im so confused! sorry if im being an idiot!

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Guest Ramly
Cool move from Advent......

Could really use a second Vega tab so that i could do more developing....

- SOund interesting...Definitely an easy Lottery. I hope I am lucky too. It would be great to compare the product against Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Guest anglo

More chance of getting this than Glastonbury tickets. :D

First post? I could have sworn I posted in the San Fran thread that brought me to Modaco! B)

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Guest jerryfmccarthy
Mmmmm... shiny prizes..... Good luck everyone. :)

I could really do with something nice...I never have any luck so heres hoping this will change :-)

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