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The 'I want to enter the lottery portion of the competition' topic

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest MaDc0w
"Knock, knock"

"Who's there?"


"Advent who?"

"Adventered the competition"


Well, it is early!


Why not tell us a bit about yourself and your tech! :(

My signature shows my "tech" :(

BumbleDroid + Paul + Vega = <3

Sign me up!

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Guest beegee1962

Have already a WSL XVision which is the same as a Advent Vega, but sold in Japan.

The problem is my wife loves my tablet :) and now I have to fight to get it back ;) . Need urgent a second one, but its sold out here in Japan :D

Please help me out :( and send me a free new Advent Vega :D .

Oooh, about my tech :D

Started with HTC Himalaya, then BlueAngel, Universal (I loved the big keyboard), Kaiser, Diamond (lost in Manila), Diamond 2 (retired). Now I am using the HTC Desire and the WSL XVision aka Advent Vega.

Was making my own Windows Mobile ROMs before and now try to refresh my knowledge about Unix, Linux and what all of this has to do with Android. Still confused :( :D

Made some mods for HTC Desire and a few for the Advent Vega/WSL XVision

Besides of this, I am running my own websites on a Synology DiskStation DS409+ in my living room which is equipped with a selfbuild quad core PC and 2 17" monitors (occupied by my wife), another selfbuild dual core PC and 2 19" monitors (still mine :D ) and a 30" TV-monitor attached to a crappy Acer computer just to watch movies ;)

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Guest mutasim

Got me thinking about my tech now...

Phones: Nokia 3310 > Nokia 3410 > Nokia 7600 > Motorolla V3i > HTC Touch Cruise > HTC Hero > HTC Desire

MP3 Players: iPod 4th Gen 20GB > iPod Nano 5th Gen 8GB > iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB

Tablets: Advent Vega

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Guest coolasmoo

Oooooh ok, this looks interesting.

The one and only thing i have ever won is a competion out of PC Format magazine back in 98 :(

It was the dvd of The invasion of the body snatchers :(

So winning this will be like winning the real lottery in comparison

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Guest Victor von Zeppelin

Hey, a small entry into the lottery would make me a happy chappy.

Maintainer of the CM7 topic for the blade, if that even slightly adds to my credentials :(

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Guest rvdgeer

Maybe this is the best place to spread the word:

On Feb 21 my wife gave birth to our second son: Simon...

We all are doing very well :(

That's why I haven't posted in here for a while...

today I got back to work, so I probably will participate a little more from now on...

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Guest JayGB1982

Hi All!

I am James, been visiting these forums religiously for the past 4-5 months now.

The ZTE Blade brought me here. Finally got mine 2 weeks ago. Sorry Paul but I'm using FLB ROM at the moment. :( CM7 can wait another month before I re-flash.

Errrm bit a bout me... I'm a Tech Geek. I softmodded a XBOX for XBMC :( PSP 1000 has a custom ROM.

I'm a bit of a gamer and you can add me on either platform JayGB1982

Oh yeah Hmmm That Vega sounds nice :)

PS Thanks to all the Devs - You guys rock!

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Guest Rhuey46

This is my post, not much to say except that I'm really hoping some kind of interesting development/s come out of this competition, it's really good to see things progressing! Also hoping that Honeycomb comes to the Vega real soon. :(

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Guest Willy130683

I would really like to get a Vega in addition to my PoV mobii, so i've one device for every day use and one for App development/debbuging.

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Guest stoney1973


please enter me into the lottery(as a participant, not a prize(people would return me))

I used to only get nokias, but got burnt by the n97(bad phone), so ended up getting a htc hero , my first android phone. Managed to get a dell streak in december, which is a very under rated phone. really handy. But I am selling it to help pay for a galaxy tab. I have the tablet bug.

Have played with the vega in dixons many times, and am quite tempted.....

Great site/comp.

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