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[GUIDE] How to change your bootanimation and splash image

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Guest tazboys


very useful information thus, I have a viewpad 7. trying to change splash and animation however the .zip fails as follows.

assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "blade" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "blade" || getprop("ro.product.board") == "blade"

E:Error in /sdcard/boot.zip

(status 7)

Installation aborted.

What do you suggest me to do?_


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I Ill edit the guide next time I get near a PC, as this method seems to be causing confusion. For all but the zip method, you need the Ingram file which is linked. For the zip method, rightclick the

The link for the Bootanimation/splash image flash doesn't seem to work. Is there an alternative location? Thanks

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Guest sonic656

Hi. I can't find bootanimation.zip. I only found bootanimation file in /system/bin. I'm using Root Explorer. Why I can't find bootanimation.zip? Or I just need to create/download one and put it in /system/media or /data/local? I have android 2.3.5 Swedish Snow RLS7.

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Guest cubeikon

Can somebody help me convert this file into a working splash.bmp? Right now when I flash it to my ZTE Blade it does not appear right. First the font appears way bigger than on the image itstelf and you can only kind of see the outlines and I think its mirrored too. I think I did not save it in the right format but I can't find any information on how to save it either.



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