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Permanent root for 2.2 Blades!

Guest kallt_kaffe

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Guest Prabhnoor

Here's a modified version of z4root where I made some changes to make permanent root work on Blades.

Only tested on official Telia Sonera 2.2 but should work on all 2.2 (and 2.1 Blades).

Included in the zip is the modified z4root app + the only source file I changed.

Original z4root source that was used is the one found here: http://code.google.com/p/z4root/


  • Install the apk (put on sd-card and use "Filer")
  • Enable "USB debugging"
  • Start app and tell it to do a permanent root.
  • Wait for it to reboot your phone.
  • Have fun!
EDIT 2011-04-16: ver2 attached. This version keeps a copy of the original su and busybox binaries and restores them if you choose to unroot, leaving no visible traces on /system (unless you've modified /system yourself while being rooted)
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I'm also having problems getting z4RooT Version 1.3.0 to permanently root my ZTE Blade


When I choose "Permanenet Root" the program goes through the motions, then the phone resets and the phone is not rooted.


When I choose "Temporary root" the phone roots BUT!! The root only lasts until the next phone reboot, then the phone loses root.


Can anyone help advise me how to permanently root the phone?


Thanks in advance

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