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[Update] Save ur Bricked V880 and also the IMEI

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Anyone tried it yet? Haven't bricked mine yet (hopefully won't) but this would be good if I did :)

i posted this software some time ago modaco deleted it thay said it could change imei number and thats why thay deleted it

good, that's progress. assuming your phone is in fact a european GSM one, then I think the problem is the NV memory again (perhaps it was something else before). The flasher backs it up and the be

Guest downtime

Hi. I've tried several times to get this to work but it always fails at about 25% with a Download fail message. The log file is below. I tried on two computers and got the same results. Any help is appreciated.

Current Version(bd_sw_inner_ver_str) : Phone in Download mode

Download Version : F:\data\software\ZTE\ZTE Firmware Flasher\China Unicom v880 Firmware

Armprg path : F:\data\software\ZTE\ZTE Firmware Flasher\armprgZTE.bin

2012.2.27 19:14:26¡ª¡ªDownload armprg.bin...

2012.2.27 19:14:31¡ª¡ªskip to armprg...

2012.2.27 19:14:36¡ª¡ªenter security mode...

2012.2.27 19:14:36¡ª¡ªDownload partition.mbn...

2012.2.27 19:14:36¡ª¡ªDownload qcsblhd_cfgdataPath.mbn File...

2012.2.27 19:14:37¡ª¡ªDownload OEM bootloader...

2012.2.27 19:14:38¡ª¡ªDownload AMSS...

2012.2.27 19:15:2¡ª¡ª½ÓÊÕÖ¸Áʱ!

2012.2.27 19:15:12¡ª¡ªHSDLmainFunc ClosePacket Fail

2012.2.27 19:15:12¡ª¡ªDownload fail, please check the log file to get fail information!

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i have a gen2 phone my wrong IMEI is in Channel2.nv file. in 0x1105. also i watched out when im doing back up NV items. only channel2.nv has changing sizes. top to 69kb. there are some channel3 4 5 nv files too but never saw them that they have take an back up action they just sitted there. weird. i hope this works for me. im starting to edit now NVrestore Success.

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Guest micallan_17

am Happy to report that this guide works for the ZTE Merit From Tracfone Wireless, in my findings I think me and my twin are the first to ever accomplish this since I have not seen anything like this before, I warn it was very difficult but we managed to flash the merit to convert it to a full AT&T Avail from the firmware up. the phone works perfectly too. since am not allowed to discuss unlocking here it also unlocked the phone using the other guide some where around this forum

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Guest sverzA

Links to hotfile reported on the first post don't work anymore (hotfile was closed last december)...

Someone can share the ZTE universal downloader toolset and cfg file?

Many thanks

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Guest aversario



can anyone confirm that this method can be used to reflash ZTE Open too?


I've installed the driver and open ZTE Flasher and it says "phone in dowload mode" and "ready".

But now I don't know which image to flash.


Tnx in advance

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