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Ultimate Guide to the Huawei U8800

Guest That-Guy

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Guest Cursed Chico

Designed for Standard Froyo White Notification Bar.

This patch edits your framework-res.apk File.

Simply Flash with ClockworkMod.

Tested on Firmware V100R001C00B136

Download the zip file here: DOWNLOAD

I did not understand that. AFter vol+ and power button, how can i flash? After copying to sd card?

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Guest Cursed Chico

Disable Screen Wake when volume keys are pressed.

Find: ro.config.hwfeature_wakeupkey=1 change to: ro.config.hwfeature_wakeupkey=0

I made this but still wakes up when pressed.

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Boot into recovery by holding Power button and Vol+ then choose Factory Reset.

Reboot your phone and you will be good to go :)

I am having same problem than the poster you are answering.

I have a unlocked phone, what I rooted and flashed with CW and custom ROM by your guide.

But then I chose I want to try ICS, so I followed the guide on XDA where I needed:

1. Install 2.2.1 back

2. Root it and install CW

3. Install Official 2.3

4. Root and install CW

5. Install ICS Aurora 1.8a

But I am on step 4. and I can not root the phone. All rooting applications on phone and computers say that my Phone is rooted. Was it Z4root or SuperOneClick root... Even all applications on phone what needs root access does not warn that phone is not rooted, but when trying to enable the root functions (like with ES manager or remount) those just gives error message that root access is impossible.

Do I need to reflash 2.2.1 and stick on that? As 2.3 is needed by ICS to get cellurar and other networking capabilities working.

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Guest bhawesh

after pink screen i connect it on ubuntu 12.04 , but in dmesg the device is not showing as a block device(storage device).

problem: at the time of presssing (power on &vol+&-) button not installing the official firmware 2.3.5 present in the sd card(\dload\update.app).

its goes to the pink screen. normally it should install the official firmware(present in the sdcard) while pressing (power on and vol+&-) button.

present condition:

my ideos x5 u8800 can only enter in:

1. blue screen (default power on)

2. pink screen (power,vol+,vol-), not detects as a mounted block device(storage device) by the computer to replace the /image/boot.img and recovery.img(cwm)

past condition:

1.i had upgraded it to official 2.3.5 firmware from 2.2 using (copy dload folder to sdcard and powering on with vol+&- button)

2. rooted with superoneclick

3. replaced .cust_backup/image/recovery.img with recovery.img (cwm5.0.2.7), by remount and es file explorer

4.now started with cwm to install custom rom

5. i wiped cache, system, dalvik cache, after that formatted /boot , /system,/cache,/data

6. i think after upgrade to 2.3.5 , the computer not detects as a storage device in pink screen mode

is there any tool(windows or linux) to

1.to flash firmware from computer or

2.to detect internal storage (for replacing /.cust_backup/boot.img and recovery.img)

sorry for bad english

plz help me

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