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Much better battery now.

Guest pihx

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Guest pihx
pihx can you write which apps you removed with titanium? yesterday i reflashed to 10A again as i had experienced a lot of weird behaviour that i thought to be because of 10B but when i had rooted in 10A and uninstalled some stock apps others claim to be safe to remove then the same behaviour started. i think i uninstalled about 10 different apps but i did it all at once so i can't be sure what's causing it. but it's not the rooting itself, cause now i have 10B again and just rooted and the phone's still working fine. so it must be the removal of something that's causing the problems. but now when i haven't removed anything i notice increased battery consumtion. 6 hours disconnect and only 80% battery already. it's definitely something that drains the battery so it would be nice to know what you removed to get the same results as you have. cause i managed to get 48 hours without charging before when i had a lot of stuff removed.

I might not remember every app i uninstalled but i will try to name them from this list http://www.android-hilfe.de/anleitungen-fu...rnt-werden.html

AppAdvisor.apk -> LG App Advisor

Bubbles.apk -> LG Livewallpaper

CarHome.apk -> Cardock-App, wohl häufig für kurze Akkulaufzeiten verantwortlich

Finance.apk -> Börsen App

FriendsPluswidget.apk -> Social App

GenieWidget.apk -> News und Wetter-Widget

Gmail.apk -> GMail-App

LGOnScreenPhone.apk -> LG OnScreenPhone Suite

LiveWallpapers.apk -> Livewallpaper

LiveWallpapersPicker.apk -> Livewallpaper-Picker

MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk -> Wallpaper

NewsWidget.apk -> LG-News-Widget

SNS.apk -> LG-Twitter-App, LG-Facebook-App, LG-MySpace-App

WeatherWidget.apk -> LG-Widget

I think these were the ones i uninstalled. I might have uninstalled more or less, i'm not sure.

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Guest chanorange

I'm getting really awful battery life on my p970.

With all services and apps stopped or closed it uses 100% battery with wifi on and over a 3g network (data off) within 24 hours. I'm not even using the phone in these 24 hours, its just been left on the side after a full charge... 23 hours and 2 minutes later and its dead.

I can get almost 50 hours out of my desire s with light>moderate usage, it was the same with my optimus one and moto defy.

So why does the phone use soooo much battery when it should be sleeping? Something is definitely wrong here.

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You really need some sort of system monitor app that can record over time to see what is wasting your battery beyond the usual 3G, Wifi, GPS. It might not be the same for everyone, but there might be an app that is running in the background using more CPU then it should.

As for my phone, when it is doing nothing and just sitting on my desk, there are alot of apps open in memory, but none of them are using any CPU or so little it barely counts. Using the battery stats is not enough, you need detailed monitor software to see what is going on.

My phone is currently at 64% after 38hours and 24minutes after light use.

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Guest Chintan Bhaidani

Are you on a custom ROM/KERNEL? if yes, which ROM & KERNEL are you using?

Well, seems i have done something that give me much better battery then before. I will try to write down what i have done and what might have been causing worse battery.

First, my phone is rooted using Gingerbreak. Then i used Titanium Backup to uninstall all kinds of LG apps i don't use, like Weather, Finance, Carhome etc. I did this days after i got the phone so it's a while since then. So over time i did these things....

I installed all sorts of task killers and free system monitor apps to see what was causing bad battery. I had also installed juice defender and a program called CPU Tuner that adjusts CPU after battery life, so it uses less CPU as the battery get's lower. None of this was working and i was getting worse battery if anything. 10 hours of idle and the battery was down to 75%

So what i did 2 days ago, was buy an app called System Panel by NextApp which is a resource monitor tool that can record what is going on in the background without using much battery. Next i started uninstalling apps like CPU tuner, Juice defender and even Titanium Backup. Then i kept moitoring use and noticed that the Battery widget was always using the CPU a little bit and also Email, so i removed the Battery widget and closed the Email task. I then charged the phone fully and went out to do some business. When i got home like 5 hours later, to my surprise, the phone was at 96% battery. It has used almost no battery even though i had used the camera and taken 3 pictures, made a couple of phone calls and had 3G enable (data was disable though). So i looked at the records of the monitoring from SystemPanel and after i uninstalled TitanumBackup, removed Battery widget and killed Email, the CPU activity was much lower, and only thing using CPU was background system files.

So now, after 21 hours, my phone is at 80% battery after light use and it's only draining very slowly. I've made phone calls, used camera, used Wifi, used Market to update apps and download and install apps.

I highly recommend you remove battery widget and any other LG widgets or apps that you really don't need. It seems there is nothing wrong with the phone itself, it's a matter of not using bad apps or widgets that is draining the battery. I am very happy now with my battery use. And if you have 3$ to spare, i can highly recommend System Panel.

If you want to know anything, just ask.

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