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[First hand review] Ideos X3/ U8510 is avail now!

Guest john.smith

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Once you get ADB working you need to download this file:


and then download romdump from the previous link, unzip both files into a directory and from your DOS/CMD line type:

adb push romdump /data/local/
adb push Gingerbreak /data/local/
adb shell chmod 04775 /data/local/*
adb shell /data/local/GingerBreak
adb shell /data/local/romdump

you should end up with a directory on your SDCARD called romdump, if you can zip that up and upload it somewhere I can take a look.

the other thing you can try is if you can find a terminal program on the marketplace and then you should be able to run those commands from the device itself, you will need to copy those files onto your SDcard, and then copy the files off the SD card but you should be able to mount the device as external storage...

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Did you manage to dump it? or did I confuse you with the instructions? :)

Hi sorry for not getting round to doing this. I have not had much free time and when the wife is out she takes the phone.

Good news however. I've seen an advert in today's Metro newspaper. Phones4U are selling this phone now for £69.95 as an upgrade. So hopefully more people will start to have one. Maybe you can get the image before I can get a chance

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