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[mod] USB connection avaliable from internal camera port

Guest rose840

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Guest wooshy1

first off thanks to rose and windin for posting this o/

I have just done this mod all went as expected and I must say those wires are very small on the camera cable :o. I have added a 4GB usb stick and a bluetooth dongle (as the built in one is terrible) plus wiring in the builtin camera, so I now have only one usb port free I may add gps later if I can fit it in but I have no real need as my nexus one streams gps over bluetooth (which now works correctly with the new bluetooth dongle I fitted :) ).

The only thing I would add is that for the camera to work you need to leave the yellow wire connected to the camera as this is what is used by the tegra soc to power the camera board up and down.

p.s If someone wanted to add gps aswell providing the gps hardware was supported by the kernel you may need a wrapper to pass the gps data to android

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