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[ROM][GEN1-2-3] Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9 (Android 2.3.5)

Guest KonstaT

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Guest Sulthekk

Hi all!

Sorry for being a noob...

Anyone know how to unlock a gen3 phone? I've patched the gen3 zip and now get the pin challenge, but since it's a locked phone I'm asked to enter the unlock code.

I've tried several apps and they all genereate the same code but it doesn't work.


EDIT: Okay, forget what I said. Libra probably has the sim check issue fixed, and GEN3 is Libra firmware. I have no idea then.

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Guest nabby21

I put moldavan mile high on my phone ages ago, but cant remember if I upgraded to GEN2 or not, because Im aware you don't need to. However, when I ask mr.pigfish(the app), he says I have GEN2 model. Does this indefinitely mean I upgraded my OLED GEN1 to GEN2, or does it say that anyway because of the ROM that's on there? Any way to find out for sure? As I'm thinking of changing to cm7 or cm9, as I keep getting the "forced closed unexpectedly" message with moldovan. Thanks in advance. Feel free to pm me with help, cheers

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Guest VeilaKillar

Can't install Google Play. Market should be replaced but instead it's remain still and I can't use it! Installed latest google apps and nothing. What am I doing wrong?

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Guest sam tyler

just installed this ROM.went into proximity sensor calibration the proximity said x fail.i pressed calib button,but it still said fail.any help out the there please?

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Guest tyrol_gangster

i wonder if somebody can help, please, i am getting the 'phone storage is getting low' error when trying to update apps on the Market. now what I don't understand is how can it get low with this ROM since it includes A2SD, so can somebody please explain WHAT is being stored in the internal storage and how do i browse it / delete??? i even tried manually moving all the apps to SD (i.e. not the EXT partition) but it doesn't help either, still getting these or similar values (approx 260mb of internal storage used):

A2SD storage:

total 504mb, free 354mb

internal storage:

total 294mb, free 28.46mb

system storage:

total 160mb, free 34.66mb

system cache:

total 42mb, free 42mb

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I have this ROM installed on my San Francisco for a while and it has been working perfectly.

My wife also owns a ZTE Blade (San Francisco) Gen1 phone, with the white cover and originally with Android 2.1. Today I flashed it with this Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9 ROM and I am having two issues that I still wasn't able to solve:

1) the proximity sensor does not work, no matter what I do. I already tried several different tools to calibrate it, but it does not respond (I get my hand close to the sensor, but nothing happens). I also tried to use the Emode Helper tool, but I didn't find a way to launch it (it is installed as a system app, but I don't know how I can launch it).

2) when the phone's screen is off (on the lock screen), it suddenly turns on, the same was as if I pressed the power button. It turns off again after a few seconds, and does this for several times. It does not happen always.

Any help?

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Guest avira.tank

As a cititzen of Moldova, I totally approve this ROM.

Privet patzanu ^_^

I have this ROM about 4 months, and I don't have any problems. Very good and stable ROM. Battery life is cool. Wi-Fi work very well. Games work good.


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Guest wilmin

This ROM is based on official ZTE Libra Gingerbread ZTE-BLADEV1.0.0B01 Android 2.3.5 (built Fri Aug 26 05:41:18 HKT 2011).

post-834050-0-19041100-1326531067_thumb. post-834050-0-10077900-1326540414_thumb.

post-834050-0-39755400-1326530989_thumb. post-834050-0-49117800-1326531021_thumb.

post-834050-0-20984900-1326531081_thumb. post-834050-0-44979300-1326532152_thumb.

This ROM will detect whether your phone is gen1 or gen2 and will automatically install correct version. If you have updated your phone to gen3 (you should know), you have to install patcher after you've installed the ROM (see add-on section below). Wipe data/factory reset before installing. No wipe, no whine.


deprecated, use Swedish Snow



-gen1/gen2/gen3 support


-updated Superuser and su binary

-updated busybox

-unsecured boot.img

-added etc/init.d support

-added Darktremor A2SD


-replaced libs

-saunalahti RILs

-trimmed plenty of useless stuff

-apks resigned, compressed, optimized and zipaligned

-added fully customisable CM7 look-a-like scrollable notification power widget with 9 toggles (thanks to lidroid)

*wifi, mobile data, GPS, bluetooth, sync, auto-rotate, flight mode, brightness and sound/vibrate

-added reboot and recovery options to power menu

-added screenshot to power menu (thanks to Ceco for porting it to skate)

-MIUI style battery bar (thanks to Pvy)

-ROM settings embedded into settings menu

-added gingerbread green circle battery mod

-CRT screen off animation

-transparent notification area

-changed default wallpaper

-silenced low battery sound

-updated Google apps

-added Terminal Emulator

-added No-frills CPU Control

-added AppWidgetPicker

-added FlashLight

-replaced FM-Radio (thanks to andorko)

-added USB Charging Commander (thanks to t0mm13b)

-added adfree hosts file - almost no ads (please support app developers by buying their apps instead)

-HSPA differentation


-CM7 dialer with T9, contacts & messaging

-CM7 gallery & music

-CM7 DSP Manager

-CM7 keyboard

-replaced launcher

-much more...

Vanilla version:

Same as above, except:

-no circle battery mod

-no notification power widget

-no miui battery bar

-no extra settings embedded into settings menu

-no power menu reboot options

-no transparent notification area

-no CRT screen off animation

-default wallpaper

-zte alarm instead of deskclock (displays next alarm in lockscreen)

-ZTE Emode Helper (thanks to FelixL)

Please don't ask for add-ons to add this or that combination of the above features, I'm not going to make any.


deprecated, use Swedish Snow


All-in-one TPT installation:

This will only work in phones that were sold with gen1 layout or updated to gen2 via TPT method. This won't work if your phone was sold gen2 or you have used windows tool to update.


deprecated, use Swedish Snow


-updates gen1->gen2

-repartitions system (138mb /system, 315mb /data, 2mb /cache, 0,1mb /oem)

-installs Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9

-installs ClockWorkMod Recovery

-installs classic green android splash screen

-amss.mbn from latest ZTE update 4G4G_GENERIC_P729V1.0.0B25

TPT instructions:

-Unpack Moldovan-Mile-High-Mountain-Pie-RLS9-TPT.zip to your phones sdcard, so that you have 'image' folder on the root of your sdcard (inside this folder there are many .mbn and .img files).

-Install AFV (Android File Verifier) from market

-Use AFV to check that MD5 matches. Use 'verify nandroid backup' option to check /sdcard/image/nandroid.md5.

-Power off, pull battery out, put battery back in

-Press and hold VOLUME UP and MENU keys while you power on

-You should see green text on your screen. Installation is in progress and you can let go of the keys

-It takes about a minute after which your phone will boot into Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9 (first boot can take several minutes)

After completed installation, delete/move/rename 'image' folder so that you don't restart TPT by accident.

Known bugs:

-Some users might have to calibrate their proximity sensor. Go to Settings -> ROM settings -> Proximity sersor calibration -> calib. If you have vanilla version installed, use ZTE Emode helper -> Sensor test, to calibrate. If you have ZTE dialer add-on installed, you can also start engineering mode sensor calibration by dialing *983*0#.


-M-MHMP-RLS9-ZTE-Dialer.zip (ZTE Smartdialer, contacts and messaging - requires full wipe)

deprecated, use Swedish Snow


-M-MHMP-RLS9-GEN3.zip (converts this ROM to work on your gen3 device)



-Toggle2G (see post #394 for download and installation instructions)

Battery Mods:

-M-MHMP-RLS9-CenterClock-NoBattery.zip (center clock, removes battery icon, rearranges statusbar icons - looks nice with the MIUI battery bar)

deprecated, use Swedish Snow


-M-MHMP-RLS9-Stock-Battery-Icon.zip (stock gingerbread battery icon, keeps notification power widget and power menu options)

deprecated, use Swedish Snow


Optional kernels:

-M-MHMP-RLS9-Undervolt-Kernel-Gen2.zip (thanks to wbaw and burstlam, source)

deprecated, use Swedish Snow


-M-MHMP-RLS9-Swedish-Stock-Kernel-Gen2.zip (latest stock kernel with wifi driver)

deprecated, use Swedish Snow


-M-MHMP-RLS9-Malaysian-Stock-Kernel-Gen2.zip (stock kernel with wifi driver)

deprecated, use Swedish Snow


Kernel info:

Kernel is built from burstlam's source code with few patches from Tom G's source. I have written none of the actual code, so I can't be bothered to set up my own github. Complete source code to build kernel used in this ROM is made available to download here.

Kernel features:

-overclock support

-EXT4, TUN, CIFS, etc...

-governors: minmax, InteractiveX, lagfree, SmartassV2, conservative, powersave, ondemand, performance

-I/O schedulers: noop, deadline, vr, bfq, cfq, sio

-much more...

Credits & gratitude:

Thanks to burstlam for his work with the kernel source.

Thanks to Tom G for the LED notification and proximity values fix.

Thanks to wbaw. I've used some parts of ginger stir fry (few libs, few apks and few other things). Also thanks for the TPT method.

Thanks to CyanogenMod Team.

need the link vanilla version

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