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T-Mobile Pulse U8220 - Froyo 2.2

Guest JDMikey

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Page Not Found

I got to a page with the details of the ROM (HUAWEIU8220_V100R001C125B262(Sweden H3G)(05010DTP)) but I need to be a member of My Huawei. Just about to try and sign up and download.

EDIT: Page not available or service temporarily unavailable notices. However 58 people have downloaded at the time of writing and this has gone up from about 17 when I started an hour ago some someone somewhere has it. Will keep trying to hammer the site.

EDIT2: Google would suggest it was available to download on 9th December but by 12th December the page had changed and it was no longer there.

EDIT3: Anyone registered with Tre in Sweden? Wondering whether the ROM might have popped up there?

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Guest welly123

page not found

Can anyone upload a backup image from this official rom to flash it through recovery mode to allow us (u8230 owners) to try this official rom

Best regards :rolleyes:

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if one try to search internet for V100R001C125B262 - you find lots of references to that rom back to year 2010...

No idea why one'd suggest it's 2.2?...

Yes, I agree. Typically rom numbers ending in "B2??" were 1.5 roms. "B8??" are typically 2.1 roms. Huawei has stated there will not be anything beyond 2.1 for the U8220. (They might have lied, but I don't think they have any motivation to work in another rom for this old phone.)

Edit: But I would love to be wrong about all of that. ;)

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