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Guest Karucifer

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Guest pascanu

I don't care about "other platforms", I care about what I want, what drew me to Android. A few examples:- half the car dealers sites use Flash for car configurators; this year I have been doing a lot of research and comparisons to buy a new car and it was useful to be able to do it on my phone when I wasn't near my computer- I do a LOT of browsing on my phone (I'm very mobile); once in a while I stumble across some video that I would like to see and don't want to be told "You can't see it right now; you have to remember to visit this website later when you get to your computer"; It just feels like "coitus interruptus"

I'm not gonna argue with you, HTML5 is the future, Flash is buggy, it's huge, a big resource hog and so on, I don't need it all the time but I want it, it's been there from the beginning. 50.000.000+ downloads on the Market says something about it.

I'm a long user of web on mobile (started with a Handspring Visor, gone through several Palm models, had a Treo 650, then I imported my G1 one month after it launched in the US because I felt this was the future) and always hated that I had to settle for WAP, "mobile version" and so on. I want the FULL web version of a page, weather I'm on my desktop, my laptop, my tablet or my phone. My 7 years old IBM desktop has a Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM and something that can't even be called a graphic card. Can you tell me that a dual core processor with 1 GB RAM and a great GPU can't run Flash?! I think Google had to talk to Adobe (and even twist their arm) to bring Flash to ICS before they dropped support.

The other disturbing thing is that most sites / reviewers now say Flash is no big deal or simply ignore the issue. It's like nobody ever used / liked Flash but waited for S. Jobs to die to admit it! Come on! Android is now the dominant mobile OS and it looks to me that for this reason it is being dumbed down to accomodate the average Joe. Think about it: two months ago if you asked someone what phone has no physical buttons, no SD card and doesn't support Flash what would the answer had been? What about today?

[sorry for the long rant]

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