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30 Nov: UI patches (LHS / RHS / Both / Search Button / When Hidden)

Guest PaulOBrien

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I flashed the Right Hand one and nothing has changed. I still have the three buttons at the bottom. I did it a second time after wiping Cache, same deal. Can you put screenshots next to what version is what too? I'm a bit confuse to be honest.

Never mind, I got it. I had to flash the Both Sides one.

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Guest joelp91

Hello, thanks for it mod!

Could you reupload "Both sides with search + menu button active when not visible "

Filesonic is down now for download :( They won't share anymore in filesonic!

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  • Show legacy menu button on both sides and show a search button

I installed the above update using CWMR, and immediately found a problem. My stock ROM was ODEXed, and SystemUI.odex was neither updated nor replaced when SystemUI.apk was replaced.

Anyway, ALL of my system buttons were now missing. I tried removing the ODEX file and rebooting, but the buttons were still missing.

Thankfully, I backed up SystemUI.apk and SystemUI.odex before flashing this zip. So I reverted. I put back copies of my original SystemUI.apk and SystemUI.odex, and I regained my original system buttons (without the new permanent search or menu buttons).

Did I do something wrong?

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