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[APP] TPT Helper

Guest Amphoras

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Guest Schwedenbitter

Today I had the chance to get my friends Skate. I installed TPT Helper and at least it completed the creation of an image.bin.

I'm still wondering, why TPT Helper needs root, if it only downloads some files, decrompresses them and rebuilds image.bin. During creation it tells me, that partition info is written. What does that mean? What is written? Where would it be written?

I'm asking this, because I believed nothing would happen with TPT Helper until I reboot with keys pressed and an existing /image folder. Am I wrong?

I hope I didn't do something with my friends Skate. That would bring me at least some trouble! I just wanted to create an /image, which doesn't work with my Skate/ROM.

I'm also wondering, why it doesn't delete unnecessary files in the /image folder after all. Questions over questions and no answers in sight.

So what exactly does TPT Helper do? Is there something to get about it?

Thanks, Alex

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Guest omegavesko

I'm pretty sure it only asks for root so it can reboot the phone. I don't think it changes anything until you actually trigger the TPT process.

When it says partition info is written, it actually means the partitions (/system, /data etc.) are resized when you trigger the TPT, not before.

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Guest plegdroid

tpt helper repartitions the phones internal layout, where a rom gets flashed to. think as if repartitioning a hard drive on a pc. stock rom comes with a vast space for the operating system to live in and wastes valuable internal space that apps can use. you can make the system partition smaller, so you'll get more space for your apps to be installed to.

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Guest Randomness.

Well this is awkward. Downloaded skate-v1a.zip, entered CWM properly, tried to Install ZIP from SDcard, and it says:



-- Installing: /sdcard/Skate-v1a.zip

Finding update package...

Opening update package...

Installing update...

Installation aborted.


Every single time. I'm starting to get nervous as I don't know what am I doing wrong.

Note: The image directory has been checked, md5sums matching, so looks like I'm in a dead end. Anyone had this issue?

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Guest ct97524

that is NOT how you install a TPT correct method is as follows:

download a tpt and make the tpt is extracted in a folder called image

turrn off phone

hold vol - and menu THEN power

some sort of update should say like t-Flash card update

then your done :D

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Guest Randomness.

Vol - Home and Power get me stuck on green Android logo.

That being done with Vol + gets me into Clockwork.

And I'm back on that old issue I previously mentioned :/


<Edit> Alright so I'm a dumb**** which automatically thought it needs to press Home instead of Menu. Working now, thanks :D

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