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San Diego Owners Present?

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Guest Patrick73

As weird as this sounds, I'm not bothered about root or hackability too much. I like the device for what it is. Of course, hacking is a nice extra but it isn't essential for me as the phone is that good anyway.

I have got mine today and its good, I feel the screen is not as clear looking as my G300 which has better viewing rangers , but I wanted it for the res. And I will have to sell my G300 as I cannot afford to run two phones ( i could but why )

I just want unlock, I asked in my local orange shop and the bloke said I have been telling people wait 6 months lol, So I told him on the website its 3 months?.

I need giffagaff on it.

I'm pleased with the wifi speed too. I'm on Virgins 100mb and the Phone did 28mb, so at least it loads stuff fast.

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