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Alcatel OT-986 aka Alcatel AK47 ( I believe they are the same device) - £193.60

Guest the_crevis

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Guest magikstar29

NEW ROM MIUI V4 3.3.22

taken from http://bbs.mumayi.com/thread-1782406-1-1.html

download link http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=485184&uk=539704501


1: Kernel supports init.d script and ROOT kernel

2: have ROOT privileges by default, open ROOT: Security Center - the authorized Management - ROOT rights management

The start time for the first time a little longer, please be patient.

Do not mess spray ... Thanks

Thank Friends to use this ROM, synchronous MIUI V4 3.3.22 to stop updating V4 was March 22, that is 3.3.22 for the final version of the V4

This version integrates a key realized immediately, cancel the full screen (without restarting) MI-POP assistant (and part of the promotion of software), as detailed in the package description!

If you have previously MIUI system, you can flash directly

If you have other rom, wipe all before flash

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Guest magikstar29

Thanks very much for the info! :) I'm seriously thinking of getting it now, just need to scrape the money together, and if i do get one you are likely to get sense 4.0 on it because porting roms is the only thing i can do (to some extent :P)

Hello "the-crevis", do you have bought the OT-986 or not? Can you make a sense rom for it?

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Guest magikstar29
Download environment & recovery - here

Download CM 9.1 Alpha2 - here

Changes from early alpha:

- mobile network now works, you can make calls, send SMS, browse the Internet on 2G | 3G | H, use USSD service

- WiFi works

- bluetooth works

- audio works

- external storage (micro SD card) works

- adb works

It's required to flash environment (you can find environment.txt in first zip), because hardware name changed from generic 'omap4blazeboard' to 'cedarlite'. The ROM will not boot if you skip this step.

I have a Github repo for this project - here. Any help is welcome.

This is alpha and not for daily usage.

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Guest magikstar29

CM 9.1 Alpha3

Download - http://yadi.sk/d/6CxBYtwlA2u5j

- Torch now works )))
- sensors
- backlight (automatic backlight works)
- microsd storage is the only external storage, required to have one
- internal storage (about 6.25G) is avalaible for installing apps
- "secret" custom ext4 storage in /mnt/custom_storage is about 200M, I keep my contacts backup there ))

Doesn't work still:
- camera
- gps
- usb connection

I am trying to make a slim and fast ROM, so now only these locales are supported:
- English en_US
- Russian ru_RU
- French rf_FR
- Chinese zh_CN

I will add any new locale on request in this thread easliy.

Removed DRM features, Video Editor, Live Wallpapers and more to make ROM fast and slim. If I removed something important - let me know and I will revert it back, but honestly I don't believe Video Editor is neccessary on a phone ) Live Wallpapers eat battery. You'd better install anything you want from Google Play (which I don't use :) Google Framework is the biggest battery and performance eater!)

It seems that "efs" partition is used to store IMEI, WiFi & Bluetooth MACs, so better you have a backup of it. I wiped mine, so now I have IMEI full of zeroes - 000000000000000. My provider doesn't care about it and I can make calls, but anyway I will recover "efs" partition from my backup for testing.

The fact that I can't make a working CM 10 now is my lack of knowledge. I am learning things porting CM 9 and maybe sometime I will succeed with CM 10 )) Anyway CM 10.1 test build is on the way...
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