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JoyOS 1.2.2 Port - CM 7.2 Based 2.3 ROM Architecture

Guest Domica

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Hi guys,

I just tried the rom zoki.mi's posted, and it looks cool, i would use it, if the sync with google acount works!!!

i didn't try the one that the wifi doesn't work because i really need it

good work

I flashed ZOKI's ROM, but on my side the same problem appears at with mine WiFi capable build, I can see WiFi connections but cannot receive IP from DHCP (Open or WPA/WPA2). :(

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This is the same JoyOS 1.2.2 Port - CM 7.2 Based 2.3 ROM with fix wifi , boot img and some chenges in it .

I am using white data2ext and its good.


Guys i just flashed this rom and it's fully working , i tested everything and even Wifi is working !

booting was slow untill i unchecked JIT and disabled boot animations , now it's ultrafast !!

the problem now is sometimes when i open settings or try to browse it , it takes forever to open then it freezes and force closes ! .. but this doesn't happen all the time and i have to reboot to make it work again !

Actually this is the best and fastest rom ever for U8230 , THANKS :)

Update :: when wifi is connected to network and screen turns off ( phones turns into sleep ) , the wifi hangs and da whole settings menu hangs , after changing wifi sleep policy to never , wifi is working ok after returning from sleep but settings menu still takes a long time to open ! .. hope this helps

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Great news... :o

I didn't really notice the new version until your info.

I am currently downloading the new ROM, I hope it will be ported and uploaded in the next 2 days. :)

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I have ported 1.2.4 successfuly, everything works, WiFi a little problematic.

Fast and furious! :unsure:

Uploading tomorrow!

waow waiting to test...thanks for porting
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After using this Rom for enough days i have found the following pros and cons in this room:


1. Rom is very fast and responsive but may sometimes lag. One good thing is that we can go from app to homescreen very fast i.e. the app closes quickly.

2. Very much Iphonish. Everything from launcher to dialer to lockscreen and even the settings menu and video and gallery apps are very much Iphone like.

3. Launcher is phenomenal- fast scrolling and doesn't crashes or force closes even once.

4.. Wi-fi is working flawlessly and i guess Domica shoulld remove wi-fi from 'not-working' list and should just tell the way to make it work. I find it to be a bit slow though. Could be just me!!!

5. Battery backup is superb. I always have my phone on full brightness untill the battery reaches 20%. It makes through 10-13 hours on moderate use easily.

6. Dialer is responsive and i get calls instantly which i was unable to get in 1.2.4. Again COULD be just me.

7. Brilliant work done on the scroll down menu in the status bar. Has two separate sections for notifications and switch.


1. Gallery and Video apps are below mediocre and need improvements. There wasn't a single time that Video app didn't freeze a couple of times before acting normally.

2. Play store was sluggish- maybe due to bad internet speeds i am getting although i have good internet connection.

3. File Explorer too force closes many a times and opens successfully on second attempt.

4. Launcher becomes sluggish if many apps are added and starts to scroll slowly but doesn't hang not even once just a bit slow sometimes.

5. Startup screen is very bad and needs to be like in 1.2.4(if possible).

So all in all these are the main things i came up with. If anyone(if anyone still interested in Pulse :( ) wants to know something else before installing the rom themselves please let me know.

Bottomline:- The Cons i mentioned are really acceptable in any rom as you can replace faulty apps with the ones you prefer(except for the slow scrolling part- but that too is not too slow to use by any standards). So i would strongly RECOMMEND this rom for daily use- actually better then every other rom imho.

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Still trying, I don't have much free time that is the problem. :)

All active devs, can you help?

Mr.Domica, I can give you the original cm7 boot.img and build.prop.

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