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ICS date?

Guest originaliidea

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Guest BlueMoonRising

I wont be installing the lava update anyway, but it may be an indication that Orange are on the same timescale. Again only speculation since the only "official" information I have is the personal reply from an Orange Helper from their Facebook or Twitter pages confirming it's in "testing". :-

"We’ve been advised that the ICS update for the Orange San Diego is currently in testing and is expected to be available within the next few weeks. I’m afraid we do not yet have any information on any further updates for this device."

Of course I am "an anonymous person on the Internet" so whether you believe that or not is up to the individual ;)

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Guest gaz1969

Well, now xolo firmware users have the update...

How long can us Orange firmware users hold out? :-)

As long as me :) i didnt just do the upgrade nothing to lose and its mint!!!


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