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DUAL CORE G330D $209 or £132 LINK INSIDE

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looks exactly the same as the g300 but dual core for and extra £30 i wonder how good the ics build is it ship's with... http://www.merimobil..._p/meri5738.htm WOW this is even better.. Ch

anyone bought a phone from china? please post your experiences, thanks.

Guest adrenalize_

I think only the 360buy.com branded version of the G500 pro has been cancelled - it will still be available as a straight Huawei branded device.

I'll let you know next week as mine should arrive by then from China - just got to wait for root as it won't have the Google framework.

I would be surprised if it is widely available in Europe or outside China as it is dual sim - I know some make it officially to EU like Ace Gallant Duo but few do.

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