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CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

Guest tony_secreto

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I loaded a few themes for cm9 in the playstore. But the most dont work, because they are for other phones. After two special themes ive had to flash my phone new. Does anyone here know, what themes work on the l3 with nightly? Or how i can change the icons? I want to change it without golauncher or other launchers. Thanks.

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FM radio files, which are in stock ROM, but not in Cyanogen we have now.

it looks that FM radio is hanged somehow on WIFI module, and when FM is active, script push some special firmware into it.

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CM9 is working and looking just marvelous, but still, some bugs on build 2: video recording not working, can't use external SD as mass storage. And you have to flash Google Apps manually

upd: external sd is visible when debugging is on

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FM radio

volans only i s system/lib/modules

extract from V10i open europe

subject to CoreAurora license

FM-app.zip is an stock LG app from same /licensing LG i guess/

How to install please?

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Sirs thanks for the last advice regarding my phone's inability to boot into recovery. I fixed it by reinstalling rom manager. Thanks to all of you. I was able to install cm9 nightly.

Btw here are my observations that i compiled on the cm9 nightly:

Apollo app: texts overlap on playlist and genre tabs. It doesnt play music from file explorer apps.

No new messages counter on messaging icon.

Gallery App cannot edit photos

Camera: Panorama icon overlaps camera and video icons. Cannot use silly faces themes on video mode. Closes without reason when launched. Timer mode doesnt function.

Icon text fonts have unnecessary spacing on with the icons on the home screen.

Sim toolbox have a wrong spelling on sending the "Default Message" toast as "Defualt Message"

Music widget in lockscreen disables wallpaper ot in black wallpaper when music is played.

No FM radio app.

Notification bar sometimes don't show icons or notifications.

Apollo dont show album art.

No voice recorder.t

Linear accelerator censor is disabled.

Weather widget on lockscreen if enabled causes the locker to squeeze beyond the screen.

Cant launch color chooser on other apps.


Can the notification bar be hidden on lockscreen?

Can the app drawer have the wallpaper of the homescreen?

Can the contacts app have mutiple selection options for easy delete and edits?

Thnanks again!

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About intall the FM Radio? Can you post the link? I am not english and i can´t understand any things :3

There is no guide in this thread for installing FM radio.

I took those files from backup of STOCK ROM, extracted system.tar

looked into its folders where those files can be located and uploaded them.

So the possible guide is do the same, and after inject those files in CyanogenMod ROM somehow.

But be warned, you have to modify start up script also, so when it is not corretly set, you are on your own with non-working device.

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I have a quesiton ? I've downloaded the rom iwith rom manager directly , ive only 10mb free one the internal storage but he download the rom sucessfull , where did he put it?

Also make the update (with wipe dalvik cache like all the time) Works fine , Dalvik is actually regenerating

Seems to be faster than the last time

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If you use rom manager to download , dont forget to erase the rom after the update

If you use rom manager to download , dont forget to erase the rom after the update

i know,tnx anyway
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