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[GUIDE] [HOW TO] Rooting your ZTE Blade II

Guest fiskbulle

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Guest dodgetimmy

Sounds like you're not in the correct mode to flash. There is a different way to install though, but I'm not sure if the button combination will be different from my ZTE crescent.

Rename the. Bin file too image.bin and place it within a folder on the root of your SD card. Now here's where the device may differ, for me I have to turn off the device, then WHILST holding the volume + and home key, turn it on. If you see a bar go across the screen, you have succeeded.

If you can actually get into Android, you can also just perform a system update from the SD card when the bin file is located in the same place as I said for the other method above.

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Guest williamh120

I'm having the exact same problem as that described above, when attempting to flash the recovery.img file listed at the beginning of this topic, via ADB in a command prompt in Windows with administrative privileges:

c:\adb\Android>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

sending 'recovery' (8552 KB)... OKAY [ 2.140s]

writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: flash write failure)

finished. total time: 3.373s

However, I have no means of accessing the stock FTM recovery area; I can no longer access it. Holding down the DOWN volume button and the power button no longer gets me into it (the procedure here appears to have broken it).

So unfortunately I cannot experiment with what dodgetimmy has suggested might be an option, but I would appreciate more details.

So what do I do now? How do I root this phone (Orange San Francisco II)?


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