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[MOD] [CM10] Support for PDroid 2.0 in CyanogenMod 10 for the G300

Guest unaszplodrmann

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Here are zips to add support for OpenPDroid to CM10.1 R1 (released 27/01). Use at your own risk etc. etc.

Update MD5 = 1ed52cb0a2a9f6a74d1d2c5604fa3ba0


Restore MD5 = ebad2705bf64dda9244cfff2187701ac


I haven't tried these with PDroid 2.0 but they work for me with PDroid Manager installed.

If anyone needs updates for future releases it's easy to do yourself, just get the latest version of Auto-Patcher and follow the instructions. For example,

./auto_patcher cm-10.1-20130127-EXPERIMENTAL-u8815-R1.zip openpdroid cm

produced the update and restore zips above. If you only have Windows you could try the GUI linked on the Auto-Patcher page instead.

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