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Random Reboots issue

Guest vNa5h

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Have you tried a clean install of a stable GB ROM (ex. Swedish Snow), without ext on SD and with very few programs installed (as clean as possible)? At lest to check if RRs are prevented this way. If not - it's almost certainly a hardware fault. You could even try restoring stock ROM.

Also your poll is not very valid, because it doesn't mention which version of Jelly Bean (4.1 or 4.2) you are referring to. 4.2 is not so stable and RRs are common, while 4.1 is very stable with no RRs in most cases.

no point in checking...

i can live with a 100 RR a day...but will never go back to GB :P

anyway afaik i never had a single RR in GB...

its only after i flashed JB...even cm10(but it wasnt as frequent as the one i got in cm10.1)

never had one in ics too

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the RR ahave a weird pattern ...

sometimes i go a whole day w/o it...(doing the same things...)

and on other days i get 3-4 RR within a short time interval...

and mostly the RR are usually during scrolling or playing games...

so i think it might have something got to do with it...

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Guest chris710

Got lots of reboots during playing games and other demanding actions on cm10 (with and without s2e), even the slightest intervention in cpu resulted in reboot to. Back when i had cm7 i could oc to 750mhz w/o a problem and play all day! Now I got cm 10.1, uninstalled s2e, quit playing and oc to 672mhz and phone is rock stable.


Never got a totally random reboot (apart from oc ofc)

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Guest Fizziebaunz

Well using ROOTBOX now close to a month.... everything is fine... overclocked to 672Mhz... no RANDOM REBOOTS... THOUGH I'M NOT A GAME maniac I only play.... Angry Birds

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Guest coolizard

I had very RR in games in a stock GB rom. The phone was still in garanty so they gave me another blade that now works fine with all rom´s and with all kind of apps. I use s2e.

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