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[DEV][ROM] ParanoidAndroid 3.15/AOSP- Android 4.2.2

Guest gbosh

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Guest JohnnyZTE

got it... I had the wrong clockworkmod on board, so I got the latest and used recoverymanager and inserted the new image and it blooming worked.

YouTube is surprisingly good.

Question, how do you use the ext partition of the SD card, the phone doesn't seem to recognize it and a2sdgui doesn't see it.

I partitioned it 4gb but can use none of it.

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Guest cramhead

yesterday I ran into a problem where I adjusted the brightness too it's lowest and the screen went black. I couldnt see the slider to active the screen again.

The simple solution was to restore to a backup i had made

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The solution is to increase the minimum brighness level in overlay / frameworks / base / core / res / res / values / config.xml

<!-- Minimum screen brightness setting allowed by the power manager.

The user is forbidden from setting the brightness below this level. -->

<integer name="config_screenBrightnessSettingMinimum">20</integer>

<!-- Screen brightness used to dim the screen when the user activity

timeout expires. May be less than the minimum allowed brightness setting

that can be set by the user. -->

<integer name="config_screenBrightnessDim">20</integer>

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Guest welshrage

tried this rom.. and no user apps will work at all,they will install but when i try to open em they force close or crash. ive tried everything from clearing cache,fixing permissions and wiping data and reinstalling.. any help or ideas greatly appreciated as i really wanna try this rom... been using dazzozos cm10 for too long now and my phone seems stale and boring til dazs cm10.1 works daily use

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- Android 4.2.2

- Synced with PA sources

- Fixed previously broken haptic feedback

- Improved layout of Circle battery

- Statusbar: show date on 2 lines

- Long-press Back to kill app

- Added CPU and Memory info in About Phone

- Possible to upgrade without wiping data

(clean install recommended)

- Fixed button backlight

- Option to disable button backlight (Settings/Display)

- Advanced Phone settings ported from CM

--- Flip to mute/dismiss call

--- Vibrate on answer

--- Vibrate on call waiting

--- Vibrate on hang up

--- Vibrate every 45 seconds during call

- New Pie features

--- new repositioning system

--- better animations

--- better looking snappoints

--- pie can be centered or appear where swipe up happens

--- bug fixes

- Recent apps on Home long-press

- Few power consumption optimizations

- Possible to upgrade without wiping data

Credits for all of these go to either C3C0 or the PA team

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Guest tititj

Hey gbosh , when the bluetooth is going to be fixed , or it is something like with camera flash wich will probably never exist ?


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Guest gbosh

Fixing Bluetooth is beyond my capabilities, but Dazzozo has updated bluetooth in the device config. I don't know to what extend it'S fixed now, but I'll let you know when I made my first build with it

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Guest gbosh

New build up

Gapps are also updated



- synced with ParanoidAndroid repos (AOSPA 3.10)

- Koush's Superuser - integrated into Settings

--- removed SuperSU

--- don't forget to uninstall SuperSU updates from Data partition if present

- Updated kernel GPU drivers

- AOSP: fixed starting window memory leak

- CM: Caching of pre-scaled bitmaps - reducing memory pressure

- Updated QuickSettings

--- 2G/3G toggle missing - they seem to be having some problems with it since Android 4.2.2

- Lockscreen: option to enable/disable HW acceleration

--- fixes unlock ring glitch when HW accel disabled

- PIE improvements:

--- improved touchhandling, no emptyangle

--- better animations

--- clear all button for notifications

--- header with time and date for both panels

--- expandable notifications

- fixed keyguard statusbar showing while in ext desktop

--- fixes it in apps like Currents as well

- PIE: animation revamped, style changes

- PIE: better looking snappoints, reorientation bug

- Lockscreen: enable longpress on expand challenge handle

- LockScreen: option to show widgets maximized

- Lockscreen: enabled hardware acceleration to increase smoothness

--- introduces small graphical anomaly at the bottom of the screen that breaks unlock circle a bit

- Stock Launcher: introduced Launcher settings (work in progress)

- Option to access QuickPanel toggles quickly

--- by swiping statusbar from the right edge of the screen

- centered accept/reject call button

- upgrade without wiping data possible

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Guest reedo_17

Hi flashed this rom as i cannot get the PAC rom to work with a2sd scripts without trebuchet always closing and i noticed i cannot hold down the homebutton to bring up the multitasking area anybody know how to fix this and i do not want to use the PIE control either

But also this rom seems very good :)

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Guest Fighttack


thanks, it´s a very good rom!!!!

One question: I can´t disable the nav bar, didn´t found an option (still not in Rom Options under Preferences)

Can anyone help?

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Guest Fighttack

Sorry, I meant the Nav Bar Ring (holding the screen long at the bottom)

Ah, ok it´s under Preferences --> toolbars --> Trigger area

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Guest reedo_17

You can turn off the pie, one of the first things I did.

Hi ive already removed PIE but when i hold the home button the recent apps/ multitasking screen does not appear

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Guest PsYcHoKiLLa

Any idea why I can't install themes when I've plenty of room? I keep getting "insufficient storage available" even though the theme is only 10MB or 20MB and I have 50MB free?

For further info, these are the ones I tried to install:

CM9/CM10: Cobalt Inferno


Label Lite CM9/CM10 Theme

A couple of them state that they should work with PA so I don't think it's that causing it, any ideas?

I tried clearing my cache partition but it didn't fix it.

Also tried this from another forum:


Downloaded a terminal emulator and did the following as root

# cd /cache/

# rm -R download

# mkdir /mnt/sdcard/marketcache

# ln -s /mnt/sdcard/marketcache download

# chown -h system.cache download


removed old market download cache folder

made a new one on sdcard

made a symlink so that cache will be stored on sd card

set the same folder owner as the old /cache/download folder had

works perfect.

Didn't even get past the third line cos the directories differed.

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