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Facebook Home download (including patched APK version)

Guest PaulOBrien

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Not able to run Facebook Home on your device from the Play Store because of where you live or because your device isn't supported? Help is at hand! If you are on an officially supported device (in

One thing I noticed was that when I had the Messenger app from the Play Store it had the option to set it for SMS. Now with this patched version I don't see that in the settings. I'm using a Nexus 4 a

Facebook home apk shows error: parising the package file. help me very eager to install it..

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Guest aalvico

Cannot send pics or access config from messenger if started from a head. Cannot sync Facebook if authorization is required ...example in instagram.

Sent from Nexus 4

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Guest earthling0001
Anyone on a non supported device get SMS notifications on fb home and not just notification bar?

No Facebook do not support this. Then again they did not support running facebook home aat all on those devices and paul fixed that! ;-)

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Guest RiotRick

Works great on my Xperia S after removing the pre-installed facebook.apk.

But is there a way to disable the click sounds in fb home? The ones when you go to apps, or like a post.

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Guest c21sand


Cannot find a solution to this issue, maybe I've overlooked, but...

HTC one S, unrooted.

Ive followed the instructions but cannot install either way due to having FB as standard on the device.

Is there any way to remove it without Root?4

Many thanks to anyone who can advise


EDIT: Strange thing happened - I disabled FB, enabled HOME, and pressed 'Home' button on my HTC - I now have home running...

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