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[SOLVED] Problem of screen flashing different colors after flashing update.zip after installing 37mb or 12mb update on xolo ICS rom!

Guest parthrox29

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Guest flying_assassin

i can't express how muchhhh this thread helped me .....a special thanks to parthrox29....gr8 work man....plus it was very fun to repair my mobile :P .....again thank u very much evry1


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Guest Darael



I never did mention in this thread, did I?  You can do the two things with the SD card that involve vold.fstab (enable, mounted at /mnt/sdcard_ext, but not shown in Storage; enable, switched with the internal storage, mounted at /mnt/sdcard and shown in Storage but the internal storage is at /mnt/sdcard_ext as the other), but the one that would make the slot behave as on devices where the manufacturer allows its users access doesn't work, because modifying /system/framework/framework-res.apk bootloops the phone.  With a large enough SD card (and I can confirm SDXC is supported, because I'm using a 64G one myself) effectively-no-access to the internal storage at /mnt/sdcard_ext becomes a non-issue.

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Guest Darael

Simple and Fast way to get your phone back to normal, if you have Problem of Screen Flasing Diff colours after flasing it with update.zip


Things You need : -

58 mb patch, you can download from here   http://darael.tpchq.org/SanDiego/updatezips/58MiB-patch/xolo/update.zip

A hdmi cable with a supported Screen


Steps :-

If u have flashed ur phone with the original update.zip 299mb, just download the 58mb patch from the above link and copy it in ur root folder.

use the hdmi cable and do a upgrade from storage via settings and after 5 mins u will have ur phone back to normal.


If u have any problem or error during update of 58mb zip file reboot ur phone and clear ur cache and data ... dont worry this will not delete the update.zip file from ur system !


If you don't have an HDMI cable and suitable screen, you can still use this method to update and get your screen working again, as long as you have fastboot (from the Android SDK) on your computer - boot the phone into fastboot (turn it on with vol-down held and keep holding both power and vol-down for several seconds after it powers on - the screen will do the same thing as always but behind the scenes it's entering fastboot mode instead of Android proper), connect it to the computer via USB, and then use "fastboot -i 0x8087 flash update /path/to/58M/update.zip" to do the update.  If it hangs on "<waiting for device>", ensure fastboot is running with access to the phone - easiest way is to run it from an administrative command prompt (windows) or with sudo (osx/linux).  If it still hangs there, the phone isn't in fastboot mode.  Turn it off and try entering fastboot again.  No need to disconnect from USB or interrupt the command; it'll go as soon as the phone is ready.

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