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[Recovery][TWRP] Team Win Recovery Project port for Acer S500 [UPDATED V1.3]

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When i try to flash this, it gives me this:

fastboot -i 0x0502 flash recovery TWRP_2.5.0.0_S500_v1.3.img

sending 'recovery' (9122 KB)...

OKAY [ 0.718s]

writing 'recovery'...

FAILED (remote: Due to device is fused, non-merged file is not supported)

finished. total time: 0.749s

Try this method:


Of course, you must replace "cwm.img" with "TWRP_2.5.0.0_S500_v1.3.img" in ADB.

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Hi all,

i've managed to create a port of the TWRP Since it is a port of the Xperia T smartphone, it can't get officially support by the TWRP team, so don't bother them with questions regarding this wonderfull peace of software when installed on a Cloudmobile.

Tested on a S500 with 8260a-3 CPU and 8260a-1 CPU. Do not flash it on a Locked phone, it will not boot!

When installing this recovery I can take no blame if you accidentely brick your phone......I'm just sorry if that happens but I can do nothing about it.

If you follow the instructions, nothing bad should happen with your phone....




- Fully touch featured!

- Screensaver with slide to unlock

- Fully themeable

- Backup and restore

- Wipe device/factory reset

- Install ROM from .zip file

- Auto detect if ROM is rooted, if it isn't rooted it will sugest you to install CWM Superuser app and binary

- Enter Terminal commands

- Integrated filemanager

- Mount external SD-Card as a Mass Storage device to copy files

- Fix permissions

- ADB sideload (see http://teamw.in/ADBSideload how to use it)

- Partition SD card (EXT partition and FAT are succesfully created despite the Failed message! TWRP needs to be restarted in order to correctly read the new partition table)

Not working:

Mounting internal storage as USB mass storage device


version 1.3 (13-07-2013):

- Changed USB VendorID and DeviceID to Google device for correct recognition of Mass Storage device in Windows

- Changed LUN0 device back to LUN%d in recovery binary

version 1.2 (01-07-2013):

- Changed android.c kernel code to assign lun0 as a removable device instead of CD-ROM (see kernel dir in zip)

- Changed USB Vendor ID and product ID back to Google inc to prevent driver problems in windows OS

- Added some init.rc code for some permission and ownership setting of the lun0/file

version 1.1 (01-07-2013):

- Changed USB Vendor and Product ID. Phone should now be detected as Acer Cloudmobile when USB is connected.

- Changed LUN path, despite that USB mount is still not working properly

- Changed brightness config path

- Cleaned init.rc code

version 1.0 (22-06-2013):

- Initial release, ported from TWRP for Xperia T

- Acer Cloudmobile S500 JellyBean Kernel, compiled with ACER_SECURE_MOUNT disabled

To run TWRP on a locked S500; enable USB debug and connect phone to PC via USB cable:

adb reboot-bootloader
wait until phone is rebooted in bootloader, then:

fastboot -i 0x0502 boot TWRP_2.5.0.0_S500_v1.3.img
This will run TWRP, it doesn't flash it. You can safely try and use TWRP. The only disadvantage is that battery % is not properly displayed.

On unlocked bootloader you can safely flash the TWRP recovery to the recovery partition:

adb reboot-bootloader
Wait until phone is rebooted in bootloader, then:

fastboot -i 0x0502 flash recovery TWRP_2.5.0.0_S500_v1.3.img
To reboot:

fastboot reboot (and press vol-down at the same time, wait until the phone vibrates and then press vol-up while releasing vol-down)

1. Windows doesn't recognize my External SD-card when I mount it

a. Deinstall/remove all Acer S500 drivers (add/remove programms)

b. Reboot Computer

c. Reboot Acer S500 in TWRP Recovery (press power + vol-down, after vibrating press vol-up while releasing power + vol-down)

d. Mount USB in TWRP Recovery

e. Connect S500 to computer and wait until drivers are installed

f. (safe) disconnect S500 from computer

g. Reinstall S500 windows drivers

2. While in TWRP I can't connect to the phone with ADB

a. Open devicemanager and select in 'Other device' -> 'S500'

b. Right click on it and select 'update driver'

c. Select 'choose driver from list' and choose Acer ADB driver.


  • TeamWin
  • Vache

    for giving me inspiration, thanks ;-)

  • Zelea2

    for his HowTo build your own kernel

  • iFEAR_ and ciNicu

    For testing on a -1 CPU.

  • Metsuki

    For testing.


V1.3: http://www16.zippysh...71734/file.html



Great job guy.

Can you change ro.product.device and ro.build.product from "a9" to "swing" because the Custom ROM that I made check these parameters (the device is swing anyway) and I've been forced to delete this check from updater-script.




Resurrection Remix 5.x (based on Android 5.0.2) soon for Acer CloudMobile S500....

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