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[ROM] JellyBlade_V , custom rom for Blade_V , based on stock

Guest gkalen

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---------- JELLYBLADE V2 ----------


New boot.img with ramdisk of N909 ( same as in MIbladeUI ).

New buid.prop and init.d tweaks.

Dalvik optimized tweaks.

Modified androidpolicy.jar to support transparent statusbar.

Binaries , libraries and more files , from N909.

Added , Russian language ( Thanks to wilz ... and burgerz for Russian repos ).

Nova launcher.

Changed statusbar's wifi and data icons from grey to blue.

Changed toggles icons.

I don't remember something else .....

DOWNLOAD , JellyBlade V2


Installation procedure at first post

ENJOY JellyBlade V2 !!!!!!

For theming , a little later ......

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Nova Launcher and blue icon wifi is super.

Super rom.

Moves faster with nova launcher.

Are eager to see tema.zip

Would be great if the watch be the middle.

ROM is faster , with any launcher .... [emoji123]

I hope tomorrow you will have center clock mod for JellyBlade V .... tonight i will start play on theming mods and will see how it goes .

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Center Clock mod for JellyBlade V

Thanks to AA9's request , i made a center statusbar clock for JellyBlade V

Download , CenterClock




Put , CenterClock.zip , in your sd card

Get into CWM recovery

Wipe cache and dalvik cache

Install the zip

Enjoy !!!


DEFAULT RIGHT CLOCK ( Undo center clock )

For those who likes the default right clock position or for undo center clock , download the zip below .....

Download , RightClock



As with center clock....

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It is necessary to make wipe all data when I will upgrade from v1 to v2?


You can flash it by wiping cache and dalvik cache.

I suggest to open the zip without extract it and delete data folder , then flash the zip by wiping cache and dalvik.

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could you update any photos from the version 2 ?

φιλε ειναι πιο smooth στο χειρισμο της αυτη η ΡΟΜ σε σχέση με την μανίσια που φοράει ;

It's almost the same as in version 1 , less changes to theme and more changes to performance.... i just add a center clock zip.

Πλακα κανεις , μακραν καλυτερη σε ολα απο την στοκ .

Για το αλλο ρομ που ρωτησες ειναι φτιαγμενο απο την πρωτη μου version ( JellyBlade V ) , και απλα του αλλαξε καποιες εφαρμογες και θεμα , στην ουσια το ρομ ειναι σαν τη πρωτη μου version και περιεχει ολες τις γλωσσες κανονικα.

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V2 is very nice. Thanks!

Thank you ny friend !!!!!

But it's time to update our phones to android 4.4.4 KitKat now .

No need to stay on stock or other rom now ....

Let's go for a KitKat !!!!!!!

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