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Transcend 4gb SD works ok

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Dear All,

I posted the question on whether the FAT32 formatted 4gb SD cards now available worked in the A701. This is so I can place the full Europe.map (1.6gb) to do transeuropean navigation without Miomap software reset between 'regions'.

Thank you for those postive replies. I tend to pay a little bit more to hopefully get a better service, so decided on a Transcend 150x 4gb card from Offtek, next day, ~105 inc GBP, arrived at 9 am. Excellent.

The splash screen for MioMap on starting the software is:

"MioMap v2.0 for A701" (to help those who have asked regarding other Mio hardware)

This came on an enclosed DVD & autoinstalled on insertion of the 512mb SD card with no problem. NB the DVD was in a loose envelope inside the standard A701 box (with all those great bundled accessories), as for a minute I thought it had been forgotten!

Size of Europe map:

1,632,650,141 bytes

(other regions, e.g. France, Benelux, UK are ~ 200-400 mb in size)

Before inserting the 4gb into the A701 for the first time, I thought I would copy the Europe.map over via laptop, as when I insert the 4gb card, it is not going to be removed again for a while. It is a new SD card, & I have read at least once that a 4gb card has died, I do not intend at this stage to regularly pull it in & out of the Mio, well, for a few weeks whilst I enjoy it!

Capacity on insertion via card reader on XPpro:

4,141,875,200 (3.85gb)

Copying via USB2.0 external hard drive (I backed up my Mio DVD immediately) through hub, laptop (1.7 ghz centrino), to reader, probably getting on for a worst case scenario!...was...

214 secs

(you do the math: this is a fresh run, straight to card, so not an average)

Free space:

2,509,144,064 bytes

(for GPSdash maps or whatever - I still find those difficult to calibrate; transferring from PC to PDA seems to negate the reference points?)

Thank you to P for the heads-up on GPSvisualizer - brilliant!


PS if you are in the car + cigarette lighter - just set the EUtility CPU power icon in Settings to Superhigh, at least for route calc, as (at this stage in my learning) it makes a big difference, even over the auto. On battery, I leave it on auto mostly.

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